Petrovka Loft: Small and Stylish

This small and simple hotel is located in Kuznetsky Most area, close walk to Kitai Gorod and to Hermitage Garden – an almost perfect location. The prices are also quite perfect: starting from €30 per night for a double on a good occasion. Some rooms even have quite huge windows – another perfection of sorts. Unfortunately, that's where it ends, because some other rooms have no windows and most rooms are quite small, in fact. Another problem with this place is that it's small overall, so even though you get a private room you have a feeling you're sharing a room at an apartment, so it's not so much about privacy. Having said that, the staff is friendly and nice, but if you're looking for somewhere to spend a night with somebody else, it's probably not a very good choice.
Petrovka Loft


Петровка Лофт
ул. Петровка, 2 Метро Кузнецкий Мост
2, Petrovka street Metro Kuznetsky Most


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