Art, Photo Museums and Galleries in Moscow

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 19 Mar 2015)
There are several major art galleries in Moscow, specializing in both traditional and contemporary art.

The main contemporary art centers are Garage and Winzawod. There are also smaller good galleries, such as Triumph and XL Gallery.

Vinzavod art center, Moscow - photo by Vokabre/
 Platforma  - located at Winzavod - is more about media art. Fabrika  – contemporary dance and performance center.
Tretyakov Gallery has an amazing collection of Russian art, including a very extensive collection of icons.

Moscow House of Artists - Tsentralny Dom Khudozhnika - has a very good collection of modern Russian art from the early 20th century. They also occasionally have good temporary exposition and feature music concerts that are not very interesting.



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