Chemodan: Siberian Cuisine Restaurant

Chemodan is an unusual Russian cuisine restaurant because it actually serves Siberian food. It has lots of nordic fish specialities as well as deer and other meat dishes. Vegetarians will also find a few options here, such as vinigret (beetroot salad) or draniki (potatoe pancakes). Chemodan also has a great selection of teas and drinks, especially when it comes to vodka and zakuski spealities. The prices are a bit higher than average, count about €40 per person for a full meal with drinks. However, you can also get away with spending about €15 if you don't go too crazy on all the delicious Siberian specialities.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is really homey, there are often live musicians during the weekend playing in a way that is surprisingly non-obtrusive and pleasant. Opened daily from 12.00pm to 12.00am.

Chemodan Siberian cuisine Moscow


Chemodan Restaurant
Gogolevsky Blvd, 25 metro Kropotkinskaya or Arbatskaya
Phone: +7 495 695-38-19
Гоголевский бульвар 25 стр 1


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