15 Best Restaurants in Moscow

Moscow has a lot of high quality restaurants with great vibes, quality food, and friendly service. Several new restaurants, like Gorynych, Severyane and Sempre are truly original and will probably leave such a strong impression you will want to come back, again and again. 
For the beginning of the day (or early morning after-party hours), start at Coffeemania Cafe, which serves great Russian breakfasts. Have a business meeting at Tehnikum Gastro Bistro or Delicatessen Café, which offer Russian-European fusion cuisine. 
Those who want to re-live tsarist Russia, should head to Pushkin Restaurant:  chandeliers, pre-Revolutionary fonts in the menu, ceiling cornices etc. Obviously you will pay for the ambience, but food is exceptional. 

Another great place to try authentic Russian food is Lavka Lavka farm restaurant, which serves delicious locally grown (often organic) stuff. Every item on the menu has the name of the farmer who provided the ingredients for it. Another authentic place, but with a twist, is a Siberian cuisine Chemodan restaurant: they have great recipes featuring nordic fish and deer dishes.

Lavka Lavka farm restaurant in Moscow
A concept store and a café Kuznetsky Most 20 should satisfy those who look for the healthy and don’t look that much at the prices. Good place to work though, if you need a some time with your laptop and fast Wi-Fi.
Another fine-dining options is Ugolek Restaurant, one of the most popular places in Moscow now. It is famous for its antique ovens, which add the very special flavour to originally simple dishes. Prices don’t bite as they could. Generally, expect to pay around €20 for a meal.
One of the top destinations in summer  -  Veranda 32.05, which has a terrace inside the Hermitage Garden, green oasis in the very center of Moscow. Before mentioned Ugolek and Delicatessen have terraces as well. 
Veranda 3205 Cafe in Moscow - Veranda 32.05. Cafe Moscow - photo courtesy of the venue
Reserve a table for one of the nights at Café Mayak, the oldest hang out of intelligentsia, actors, famous lawyers, writers, and people in the "scene". Who knows whom will you meet there: maybe a philosopher, maybe a drinking buddy.  

When you are ready, dive into authentic and a little bit rough environment in Ryumochnaya, Stolovaya N10, or even Bar Zasada if you happened to be near metro Pervomayskaya or visiting Izmailovsky Park. Prices will be low, food - traditional, experience - off-scaling and illuminating.  
The last but not the least, Chaikhona N1 and Khinkalnaya N1 are not to be missed. They serve Uzbek and Georgian cuisine pearls respectively.

Chaikhona N1 Restaurant in Moscow on 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street


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