Izmailovsky Park

For some wild nature in the vicinity of the city head to Izmailovsky Park, which is only 20 minutes by metro away from the center (metro Partizanskaya). There are a few ponds there (not recommended to swim, although most people do), quiet forest pathways, lots of (almost) wild forest, and even occasional mountain bike paths. A great place to reconnect with the nature and relatively safe, even during the night.
You can also make a fire there, but try to find a designated area. During the weekend next to Izmailovskaya metro station old women (babushkas) gather and make an old-school party singing cheeky folk songs and dancing the ancient Russian version of breakdance. 
Another option is to rent a bicycle and go to the park from the center of the city (about 30 minutes), follow directions to Partizanskaya metro (Izmailovo hotel complex) first, and then just ride into the forest and try to find the ponds – next to them there’s lots of mountain bike routes. Grab a bite after in Café Zasada. 
Izmailovsky Park in spring


Izmailovsky Park
metro Partizanskaya


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