Energy Pyramid

This pyramid was built in the middle of nowhere by a collective of Russian scientists led by Alexander Golod. They studied the magical and energy properties of pyramid-like structures. It’s made in a way that adheres to the golden section, like this it can accumulate the natural energy and redirect it into the objections located inside and around.
It is known that the pyramid was used to increase the yield of wheat seeds (increase of productivity by 100%) and to positively affect blood cells. One pyramid was also built at an oil field and that allowed to increase its production by 30%. It is quite far away though - on 38th km of Moscow-Riga highway (a taxi from the center should take about an hour). By public transport you need to metro Tushinskaya and then take a bus number 307, 450, 464 or 467.
Energy Pyramid on Novorizhskoye shosse, 38km - photo from Wikipedia


Energy Pyramid
38 km of Novorizhskoye shosse
Moscow oblast'


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