Rabitsa techno club in Moscow

Rabitsa is perhaps the most important techno club in Moscow right now. They have the best lineup, the best vibes, and the people who opened it wanted to make something different from the rest of the Moscow clubs: no annoying security guards, no sponsor logos plastered all over the place...

The atmosphere in Rabitsa is reminiscent of Berlin clubs and that's quite an achievement, especially in Moscow where it takes a lot of work to reach the level of effortlessness and ease that's so typical for Berlin... Moscow is a city that's much more aggressive and harsh, so it's good to have a place where you can let go and forget about all that fuss for a moment... dance yourself away on the dancefloor or chill out in one of the many cozy spaces that Rabitsa has to offer.

They also bring in some of the best techno acts, both local and from abroad (like LIES' Ron Morelli). Definitely worth a visit, parties usually pick up around 1 am and go on till early mornings... If there's a cover you won't pay more than 5 bucks and the drinks are relatively cheap.

The location is relatively central, 5 minutes walk from Yaroslavsky train station where Trans-Siberian trains depart from... So if you want to save on accommodation on the way back from Siberia, simply leave your bags at the train station and go do some cub action at Rabitsa.

Rabitsa Club Moscow, photo by Andrey Stekachyov, The-Village.Ru

Rabitsa Club courtyard, photo by Andrey Stekachyov, The-Village.Ru


Olkhovskaya ul., 14 metro Krasnoselskaya (red line) or Baumanskaya
Phone: +7 916 973-43-42
Ольховская 14 метро Красносельская или Бауманская


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