Rabitsa techno parties in Moscow

Rabitsa started when a few techno collectives put their energies together to build a new place. The club existed for more than a year and it was truly one of the best techno clubs not only in Moscow, but also in Europe. Rabitsa club had the true Berlin vibe, all-weekend-long parties, the outside area, and they brought some of the best techno acts in both from Russia and from abroad.

After about a year of its existence the Russian drug police did a raid at the club. They did it during a party, so there are videos of the raid online when the DJ is still playing techno and some guys are beating up the guests... In any case, Rabitsa club had to close down, but the collective stayed intact and became even stronger.

Now they throw parties in Moscow and other cities in Russia and in Ukraine. If you want to know what it's up to, check their Facebook page, they announce their regular parties there. Most often they host them at Lebedinoe Ozero bar, located at Gorky Park, or at other locations around the city.


Rabitsa Club Moscow, photo by Andrey Stekachyov, The-Village.Ru

Rabitsa Club courtyard, photo by Andrey Stekachyov, The-Village.Ru


Olkhovskaya ul., 14 metro Krasnoselskaya (red line) or Baumanskaya
Phone: +7 916 973-43-42
Ольховская 14 метро Красносельская или Бауманская


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