Sandunovskie Bani

This public sauna house is the best in Moscow and has an impressive history. Not only it’s housed in a beautiful building, but also they offer all kinds of traditional Russian sauna experiences – and the level is really good.
Sanduny is also one of the few places in Moscow where everybody can feel equal and let go of their social status for a while: whether you’re a local bandit, a business executive, a poor artist or a curious foreigner. Great for some detox after a long night out as the doors open at 8.00. The entrance is €30 for a two-hour session. There are separate men’s and women’s sections. Open 8.00 to 22.00.
Sandunovskie Bani in Moscow - photo © Sandunovskie Bani -


Sandunovskie Banyas
4, Zvonarsky pereulok metro Kuznetsky Most
Phone: +7 495 628-46-33


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