Sokolniki Camping for Tents and Motorhomes in Moscow

While not a particularly amazing camping spot, Sokolniki is the only official camping in Moscow and for that reason we decided to add it into our listing. The thing is, if you travel to Russia with a tent, you've to start somewhere and if you absolutely do not want to stay at a hotel, then this could be a spot for you to be in the nature and to explore Moscow at the same time. In fact, you could rent a car at a Moscow airport (€30 for an SUV) when you arrive and simply get to the camping directly without having to stay at a hotel.
Sokolniki camping is right inside Sokolniki park, which is one of the biggest parks in Moscow not so far from the city center (about 20-30 minutes with a car / taxi and about 50 mins with public transport).  
Sokolniki camping in Moscow
They offer spots for motorhomes for €10 (including 1 person, every additional person is €7) and spots to pitch a tent for €5 per tent per night (+ €3 for every extra person and + €4 for a car). There are also small guesthouses with shared showers / toilets (you have to share them with the rest of the campers) for 2000 R / €30 per night for 3 people, which is a good deal for Moscow.
Houses for rent at Sokolniki Camping, photo by Alina Tsuranova
The camping provides access to hot shower, water drainage and electricity for free or for a small fee (€3 for campers). The area around is green, the camping is simple, but seems to be decent enough. People tend to hang out outside of their motorhomes and there's a common area as well.
Sokolniki camping, photo by Brandn Kang
You can meet a lot of motorhome owners who travel to Russia there from all over the world and they sometimes hosts the whole groups. If you're planning to travel further in Russia it could be a good place to start and also to hear the other travelers' stories.
Motorhomes parked at Sokolniki camping in Moscow, photo by Kir Mathew
To check availability and make a reservation, fill out the form below, your request will be sent directly to the camping.


5th Luchevoy prosek, 16А
Phone: +7 (495) 950-50-00


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