StandArt Hotel Moscow: The First Member of Design Hotels™ in Russia

StandArt Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel located next to the main Tverskaya street in central Moscow. It has 105 custom-designed rooms, several bars with a nice view on the 9th floor, a spa, a restaurant and other amenities.

StandArt Design Hotel Moscow

StandArt belongs to the luxury hotel PR chain Design Hotels™ and while its interior doesn't really live up to the best offers of the chain around the world, it's still a very solid proposition and perhaps one of the best in Moscow. Rooms start at €100 per night, but usually cost about €150 for a double. In case you're looking for something similar, a nearby Golden Apple Boutique Hotel is also a good choice and costs a bit less.


Strastnoy boulevard, 2 Metro Tverskaya
Phone: +74955877731
Страстной бульвар 2 Метро Тверская


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