Vykhino Platform Area in Moscow

A trip to Moscow is incomplete without visiting a Moscow suburb. While the center of the city is pretending to be from another country, the outskirts of Moscow stay true to themselves.
The best way to get this kind of true authentic experience is to take any underground train and go until the very end, preferably in the direction of East or South- East. Vykhino station also serves the suburban trains and the amount of chaos and intensity will disorient even the most seasoned travelers. It’s better to go there during the afternoon and spend about half hour watching the people, the movements, and taking in the unique atmosphere of this place. 
Vykhino Platform in Moscow - Photo by Sergei Radovichenko - flickr.com/photos/serger/2779506866


Vykhino Platform
9, Khlobystova street metro Vykhino


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