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Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 16 Feb 2010)
We receive a lot of positive comments about our website, and it motivates us to continue good work to bring you the most comprehensive and entertaining guide to Russia on the internet. If you would like to send us a message, please, use the form at the end of this page. Thank you!

Andrew Girdler - BAA (UK)
Just to say many thanks for all the helpful information you gave me
about Russia and Moscow..I had an amazing 3 weeks travelling Russia,
Mongolia and China. The Moscow metro is amazing...unlike London it
works well and runs about every 2 minutes, but despite that it never
calms down ..I mean it is always crowded..unlike London that does at
least calm down mid morning and mid afternoon. I agree with you too
that Moscow seems to be totally safe more so than London I would
say..and generally people are friendly although few speak English
which surprised me a little. I certainly improved my Russian
language skills very quickly.

Tom Morgan - Mongol Rally (UK) - Organizer

Way to Russia are by far the best company I have dealt with for Russian visas and advice. I run the Mongol Rally and we have

Mongol Rally

very large numbers (400 people) with peculiar requests for visas in unusual parts of Russia.
Dmitry and his team dealt with us very professionally and promptly not to mention putting up with a lot of complications (all created by us). They provided the invites exactly as requested and even found a new type of visa that suites us perfectly. They have a wealth of advice to offer about anything Russian.
I really can’t recommend them enough and wouldn't use another company!
Tom Morgan
Organiser of the Mongol Rally
June-August 2006


"Had a problem logging in but it fixed itself!
Great site...I posted looking for somebody to converse with so I might
better learn
"real" Russian and maybe help them learn English...I have a very basic
knowledge of Russian as I have just started to try and learn but I need
lot's of practice. Your site provided useful files which I downloaded.
Best regards!"

Mr Hargrove: "thanks for your great legwork = waytorussia is the reason we decided to make the trip.is has been essential!"

Gina Karamountzou: I would like to thank you for providing such a smartly, nicely and (I believe) objectively presented information about the Transiberian railway, as well as about Russian people. You have inspired me to restart my Russian language lessons, as well as to start planning a (possibly one-way) journey to Siberia starting from the railway.

Received 15/04/05: I'm learning Russian and I have seen other sites.
What I like especially about your language pages is that you can see immediately useful phrases and can also see the sentence structures and learn how Russian sentences work.
I found the language pages extreemely useful, epecially also the phrase written how it is pronounced, and also the sound file that you can download to hear it. Well done guys!

Received 23/03/05: Damn good idea. Love the site.

Received 18/12/04: After reading these interviews,im really immpressed by people.their way of thinking, their of living and last but not the least their views about aliens and other nations regarding russia are really impressive.

Received 15/12/04: Good site. My boss is Russian and I am trying to learn some russian to speak with her. Nice site and great job! If you ever want help with phonetic, please let me know.

Received 12/11/04: Your website looks great. I will be starting to teaching beginners Russian next year and am preparing my course plan. Your tutorial fits in quite nicely with what I have prepared so far. Thanks.

Received 27/10/04: Very informative, interesting site. I appreciate the fact that someone saw fit to create it.

Received 15/09/04: Firstly thankyou to the way to Russia team that have provided me with invaluable information and made my trip to russia much easier.[...]

Received 2/05/04: Firstly, I wanted to congratulate you (and your team) for waytorussia.net web site. It is a very complete site with a large number of useful information, not to mention its good design and excellent navigability.

Received 30/04/04: I think this is the best website about Russia i've had came across.I visit Russia every month ,and each time are more suprised ...big up to your great work.Xeppepa

Received 30/04/04: why can't you make a way to Poland.net website for the people who have to do something on Poland? So can you please this into consiteration? Thank you!


Received 23/04/04: im doing russian cuisine as my project for Food Technology at school, and i found your site to be hugely interesting and helpful-keep up the good work.
thanks KiKi

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Received 2/04/03:
I love the fact that you guys are more up-to-date then the consulate in some areas. Such as the address of the Washington D.C. address. The Consulate webpage is wrong, and yours is right! Nice job!

Received 18/03/03:
Thank you so much this website helped me out a lot. Alot of useful infromation

Received 17/03/03:
I really like this site, it is jampacked with interesting and useful info. So Thanks!



Received 17/03/03:

i have alot of Russian Heritage and love this damn website to death, thank you soooooo much, i feel like i can become more Russian(is that is possible) by learning about my heritage, thank you thank you soo much. i also had to write a report for school and i tell you i was screwed up my ass until i found this site, thank you again

Received 5/03/03:
Hello, First and foremost, I must tell you how wonderful this website is. The information is accurate and presented in a very organized manner. I find your description of Russian babuskas very perceptive not to mention entertaining. Keep up the good work.
P.S. Good section on public transportation etiquette. I kind of miss it here in America.

Received 4/03/04:
Thank you for this site. It is not only quite truthfull but also funny :-) (I liked comments about russians and vodka)
Even though I am Russian-Asian girl who was born and raised in Moscow.I find this site quite usefull
(I have been at home for 5 years).

Received 1/03/03:
Great site! Very informative.I was looking for some site that's not going to be sterile,corporate and all that.I was looking for some kind of a "real deal",common people's view.I actually wrote "no bullshit guide to Moscow" in Google and it took me to your "Myths and truths about Russia" section of the site.This is exactly what I was looking for.Very detailed.

Mark Bromfield (2/2/03):
"The visit to Moscow went well, good apartment near to the centre of things. Visa help very good, and tips on what to do and not also of big help. This site is the best place for information on Russia that I have found. Without it my trip would have been so much harder. The staff here sent me mails in answer to questions like - how to get to visa office. I was sent first rate info on the Metro, what road to go down and how far. When I asked about the apartment (which is not owned or run by this site), they linked in for me.
So to you all, many thanks, and the site really is good as well. Easy to use, and uptodate information."

David Halls (21/01/03):
"[..] Working with your company was a very good experience. Often is is difficult to get a high level of service from companies in Russia (they are either slow to respond to questions, or do not respond completely) but that was certainly not the case with your company. I would highly recommend your service to anyone travelling to Russia, and will likely use your service this fall for a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg."

Mike (18/01/03):
"Thank you VERY much for this website: I'm planning a trip to StP later this year, and this has been the BEST source of information, especially about buying tickets, and getting around on the trains. THANKS. Mike from New Zealand."

Roxane Henry (16/01/03):

"Just would like to thanks you for all the good informations (hotel, train, bus). I have been in Russia in December 2002 and begining of January this year. In each city covered by your web site, I used your informations. I had also other guides books with me, and each time yours info were the most accurate and the most usefull. So you highly contribuated to facilitate our trip. I just invitate everyone to use your info. It 1000 time better than the Lonely Planet ones. Especially for all the info over the "moving around" in the Golden Ring.
The only negative point : Why don't you cover other Russian cities as Stalingrad, Ullyanovsk, Kazan, Murmansk, Astrakan (I have been visiting those cities, and I was missing your info."

Ruud Schelvis (14/01/03):
"Hello, my english isn't so well, but I like your site very well and I have placed it on my website: http://traveleurope.star4all.com"

mlink@cmc.edu (13/01/03): (in response to the "Russian Language" section).
"This is a really great site for people who speak English and are beginning to learn or want to learn Russian. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Russian. My compliments to the creator and designer of this site."



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