Working as a Nanny in Russia

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 11 Jan 2010)
Whilst not necessarily recognised as a teaching position, there is nevertheless no shortage of demand for native English-speaking nannies, so the profession is worthy of inclusion here.

The other reason it's worthy of inclusion is the money! The packages vary dramatically, largely according to how much money the parents have, but any way you look at it, the moulah rocks by teaching standards.

Photo by Sasha Reshetilov

Photo by Sasha Reshetilov

Susan, a New Zealander, has been nannying here for a year. She's based a little way out of Moscow in "Millionaire's Row" (Rublyovsky Shosse). She looks after an 8yo boy, taking him to school Wed-Fri (30 mins), picking him up again and spending perhaps 2 hours with him, and spending both weekend days with him. She then goes home to a provided, modern apartment, has Monday and Tuesday off, and earns US$4000 per month.

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For guys: don't be put off by the association with only women doing this kind of work. Men are definitely in demand. Known as "Mannies" or "Hairy Poppins", many families are specifically looking for men to spend time with and teach their children, as households often lack a male role-model due to a divorce, or merely that the father is away on business a lot.

Agencies like Ms Poppins or Angelika can find a placement for you and arrange all the necessary paperwork. You won't find a lot of information on their website unless you're a Russian speaker, but an email of enquiry should bring a response, as they always seem to be advertising. Like school teaching, this kind of work is not everyone's cup of tea, and references are required. Qualifications are not, and the rewards (though not everyone might be as lucky as Susan) can be exceptional. You may even get to go on paid vacations with the family you work for. A villa in Spain, a country house in England...

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