Okhtinskaya Hotel: Room with a View

Housed in a huge Soviet-style building, this hotel is a bit far away from the center (about 15 minutes drive or 1 hour walk).  The good thing about it is that it has super cheap offers occasionally (€30 per night for a double room) and can be interesting for those who search to find a bit of the communist past. The rooms are quite basic and sometimes you wonder if they kept the curtains from the 80s, but that only adds to the charm. If you get a room at the top floors you’ll have an amazing view of the city.
Okhtinskaya Hotel - Double in Okhtinskaya Hotel

Okhtinskaya Hotel



Гостиница Охтинская
Большеохтинский проспект, 4 Остановка Трамвая Улица Шепетовская
Санкт Петербург
Okhtinskaya Hotel
4 Bolsheokhtinsky Prospekt Tram stop Shepetovskaya ulitsa
St. Petersburg


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