4 Best Ways to Find an Apartment in Moscow - Live Like A Local

Author: Dmitry Paranyushkin (on 29 Jan 2015)
Finding a private apartment is a great way to experience life in Moscow.
However, as the real estate prices are steep you’re looking at something like €100-€120 per night for something relatively decent in the center of the city. Long-term prices start at €700 per month for a small studio in the suburbs and at €1200-€1500 per month for a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment in the center.

Rooms cost from €300 per month. When renting an apartment be prepared to see a lot of really weird Soviet-style interiors, but that’s even better if you really intend to connect to the Russian land and history.

Our secret pick is LikeHome Apartments Tverskaya. They are most centrally located, have reasonable price and good interior. The only disadvantage is that there are only 19 of them, so book in advance.

Another good place to look is www.airbnb.com for short-term and www.thelocals.ru (in Russian and you need to pay a small amount to use the service) for the long-term apartments and rooms.

If you want to risk and save money, go to any train station and look for the notes posted on the walls and for cell phone numbers graffitied to the floor.  You may find some odd babushka who rents her crib for very little money to the local tourists who need a place to sleep, eat and fuck, but that may as well turn into the most adventurous part of your trip.

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The best area to stay is Kitai Gorod - central, residential, lots of cool bars and clubs around, a real Moscow feeling to it.

Also the area near Tverskaya is great for accessibility and there’s lots of nice restaurants and bars around.

If you really need nature close by, try Sokolniki area or Izmailovsky Park.





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