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Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 19 Aug 2009)

Below you can see a few samples of the tours offered in Moscow by our recommended tour providers. Unfortunately, Moscow does not yet have a company like Peter's Walk (in St. Petersburg), who are more on the alternative side of things. But you can still take a bus tour of the main attractions or visit a KGB museum if you wish.
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Introductory Sightseeing Tours:

THE FIRST IMPRESSIONS TOUR — See the main Moscow sights in a few hours.

This bus tour will be interesting if you want to get the first impression about Moscow, orient yourself, see the main sights, see some bits of the city life, and get used to the city.
You'll learn more about the history and culture of our city, as well as about the life of the people. You'll see the main spots, and (if you feel like it) some hidden interesting places that'll give you richer insight about Moscow

Type: bus and walking; Duration: 3 hours; Price: $28 per tour (per person); Availability: Daily 11am and 2.30pm;

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Cultural Tours (History, Architecture)


SPECIALIZED MOSCOW TOURS: architecture, estates, monasteries, old mansions, Moscow metro.

Cultural tours to Moscow architecture masterpieces, interesting estates and monasteries, historical areas of the city. It's also possible to make a tour of Moscow metro — an underground museum.
These tours are made by certified guides with a solid knowledge of Moscow history and cultural background.
Type: walking or driving tour; Duration: 3-4 hours; Price: $18 to $46 per tour per person; Availability: Any time, upon request;
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Tours around Moscow: Trips out of Town


Uncle Pasha's Dacha at Tver Region, Staritsa village.
Horseback rides and trips in the hills over the Volga between Moscow and
St. Petersburg. Private "dacha", home environment, gentle animals, and very inexpensive. The $25/person/day includes shelter, food, and unlimited unescorted rides. Riding companions and instructors can be arranged. Working holidays possible.
More info at . Write to or call 8-916-117-1527 from within Russia only.

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