Map of Barnaul: City Center

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 02 Sep 2009)

Barnaul Map 
1 - Hotel Rus, 24h internet cafe, bar
2 - Hotel Tsentralnaya
3 - Hotel Altay
4 - Hotel Barnaul
5 - "Pilot" Night club
6 - "Mexico" restaurant and "Stary Gorod" cafe
7 - Granmulino center (pizzeria, 24-hour coffeehouse)
8 - Square, open-air summer cafe
9 - Attraction park
10 - 24-hour airline tickets, taxi service, pharmacy
11 - Internet Center (24 hours)
12 - "Depo" young fashion store
13 - "Spil" or "clock" tower



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