Practical information about Barnaul

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 19 May 2015)

Health and Safety

Barnaul is a safe city, majority of inhabitants are well-behaved and there are many young people in the city who are getting higher education.
So it feels safe to walk outside even in the night. Just practice normal travelers safety and you will be ok. Please note, that during the summer months (May to 1st half of July) there's a danger of getting encephalitis from a bite of a tick in Altay region (only the beginning - not if you go to higher mountains).
If you were bitten, you should carefully remove the tick (making sure no part of him is left in your body) and contact the local immunization center, keep the tick for analysis - only about 1% of them have the disease, so the doctors will check if it was actually infected before giving you an injection of immunoglobulin against encephalitis.
Altay Government Hospital: 12, Chekhova st., Tel. (3852) 24-86-12 There are many pharmacies situated in the city center, especially on Prospekt Lenina. Most of them are opened 8.00 to 21.00.
Unifarm pharmacy: 20a, Lenina Prospekt, (in courtyards) sells rare medicines and natural products (oils, sea buckthorn). Tel.: (3852) 23-23-25, 
Central pharmacy: located just next to Aviaflot airline tickets, on 53, Lenina. Sells a good choice of medicines, products for diabetics, and diet food. Open: 10.00 to 20.00



Good supermarkets are located throughout the city center, among them is a 24-hour shop near hotel Tsentralnaya on Lenina Prospekt (recently shut down).
Also, there's a good clubwear shop "Depo" on 58, Prospekt Lenina (you can always get flyers for the most interesting events in Barnaul there).


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