Sverdlovsk Hotel

The Sverdlovsk is Ekaterinburg’s Soviet monstrosity, the likes of which can be found in any Russian city. But it is a very convenient Soviet monstrosity in that it sits directly across from the train station. While this makes it a good 15-20 minute walk from the city center, it is a perfect location for people just stopping off in Ekaterinburg during a longer train journey.
There is a major public transport stop right outside the hotel so reaching the center isn’t too difficult anyway. The rooms are drab and the furnishings and fittings a bit decrepit, but it’s clean enough and it does the job. As usual, there are standard and “renovated” rooms, which are only minimally better. Standard rooms start at 680R (€15) single and 1100R (€24) double, or a bit more if you want a room with a television.
An edible breakfast is included and there is a €5 business lunch on offer in the restaurant. There are also decent conference facilities and a business center with internet as well as a souvenir shop, bar, cafe and hairdresser. 


Marins Park Hotel
106, Chelyuskintsev street tram stop Gostinitsa "Sverdlovsk"
Phone: +7 343 353-6574


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