City Without Drugs - Gorod Bez Narkotikov Organisation

This organization started in Ekaterinburg in the late 90s has gained Russia-wide notoriety for its non-orthodox ways of fighting drug addiction. Disappointed in how local police was handling a growing drug problem in the city, they self-organized raids on drug dealers and addicts.
Giving the drug dealers up to police eventually they kept the drug addicts to themselves, bring them to special detainment centers, and forcefully keep them there until they’d get off the needle. Some say it’s an extreme way, but for many it also worked, so the whole noise surrounding this organization is very controversial.
Its director, Evgeny Roizman, also runs a museum of Russian Icon, and has become the mayor of Ekaterinburg recently as an opposition candidate (a nearly impossible task in Russia). 
Gorod Bez Narkotikov - photo by Anton Novoselov -


Gorod Bez Narkotikov
19, Belinskogo street


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