Yenisey River

If you have some time in Kranoyarsk and got tired of the city center, you can walk from the railway station along Yenisey river and to the 350-year Anniversary square (located opposite of Krasnoyarsk Hotel).
This square is a popular entertainment spot along local people and there are many open cafes during summer. Also, near this square there's Regional Studies Museum and it's easy to take a taxi to Stolby national park (costs about €20, takes 30 minutes).
Museum itself by the way is also worth visiting if you are interested in local history. Regional Studies Museum. Address: 84, Dubrovinskogo street. Open: Thurs. 10.00-21.00, rest of the days 10.00-18.00, Mo. closed. 

Regional Studies Museum in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia - a big collection of traditional household items

The walk along Enisey is quite nice, especially that it is calm and picturesque (the way it can be picturesque in a city). Continue the walk till so called "Strelka" (the crossing of three streets). 

First you will pass Saint Nikolai ship-museum famous because Lenin traveled on it into exile. Moreover there are some temporarily exhibitions happening from time to time, so check it out.  

Sv. Nikolai museum-ship in Krasnoyarsk - photo by MaxBioHazard/ wikipedia

A few minutes after you will reach the pedestrian bridge to Tatyshev island where you can rent, bicycles. rollers or skates or just walk around, it's all great.

View on Yenisey River in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia - photo from Wikipedia


Yenisey River walk
94, Dubrovinskogo street


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