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Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 31 Jul 2015)

Health & Safety 


Please note, that during the summer months (from May to first half of July) in the forest areas around Krasnoyarsk (including Stolby) there's a danger of getting encephalitis from a bite of a tick. It is Siberia after all, it is wild. 
If you were bitten, you should carefully remove the tick (making sure no part of him is left in your body) and contact the local immunization center at 35, Prospekt Mira (city center), keep the tick for analysis - only about 1% of them have the disease, so the doctors will check if it was actually infected before giving you an injection of immunoglobulin against encephalitis..
There are many pharmacies situated in the city center, however, if you need a specific medicine you can contact a 24-hour hotline of "EniseyMed" pharmacy chain at (3912) 22-39-90, 26-56-26.
Forest near Krasnoyarsk - photo by Yorisawa Sumovski -


Business Travel 

There's a business center in Hotel Krasnoyarsk where you can use the internet, fax, secretary services, and rent a conference room.
Address: Krasnoyarsk, 94, Uritskogo st. Contacts: Tel. (3912) 273-769, 273-754, fax: (3912) 270-236
Another business center is situated in Oktyabrskaya hotel. Oktyabrskaya Hotel (for business travelers) -15, Prospekt Mira - , internet:
Krasnoyarsk airport has a VIP hall that offers basic business services as well (contact: (3912) 267-729).
The best restaurant for business meetings is Aphrodite, located on Located on 124, Prospekt Mira street. Opened 12.00 to 24.00 ($20-$30 for a dinner).


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