Getting to / from and around Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is situated on Trans-Siberian railway about halfway between Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, so there are many trains passing by every day.
There are also daily flights between major Russian cities and Krasnoyarsk made by KrasAir Airlines.
The public transport is very easy to use and conductors are very friendly: when I took a trolley from the railway station to city center the woman who was selling the tickets made a little tour for me, and I saw how much she loves her city. It is rare you meet people like this.
Anyway, below are a few advices about transport in Krasnoyarsk.

Train Station

Located in the center of Krasnoyarsk, about 10 minutes by public transport to the core of the city. The main building is being renovated now, but the
temporary waiting hall is perfect: ticket offices opened 24 hours, train schedules, snack shops, and clean toilets. There's a luggage room located outside of the temporary hall and to the right (the old building just along the tracks, ask for "kamera khraneniya"). You can leave your luggage there for 100R (€1.50) per day and walk around the city between the train breaks. Check the opening time of the luggage room. It is supposed to work 24 hours, but there are long breaks.
Train Station in Krasnoyarsk - photo by Christian Lagat -
Outside of the station, opposite the waiting hall there's a post and international telegraph, where you can make phone calls like in old times.
There are a lot of taxis around, but stay away from them, because they charge much more than the normal price is. Better order a taxi by phone and it will arrive in 10-15 minutes (see phone numbers below). There are also a lot of public transport routes departing from the railway station. Before taking a bus ask if it's going in the center (just say: "Tsentr?!"). It will take about 5-10 minutes and the trip costs 25R (€0,40).

Krasnoyarsk train tickets office: (3912) 666-956 (24h), international department: (3912) 22-49-71. Address: Prospekt Mira, #112 and Matrosova st., #4. The agency also sells airline tickets.
For Trans-Siberian train schedules, see our Transport Guide / Trans-Siberian timetables.
To purchase a Trans-Siberian train ticket, you can use Travel Services / Airline Tickets.


Krasnoyarsk Airport

Krasnoyarsk airport is situated about 40 minutes by car and 1 hour by bus from the city center along Moskovsky Trakt road (M-53).
If you go by bus, take the route #135, if you go by taxi, it's better not to take a car from the airport (too expensive), but order a transfer in one of the taxi companies listed below. The normal price would be around 800R (€12).
The airport has a post office, cafe, bank, ATM, currency exchange, snack and news shops, waiting hall, VIP hall, luggage storage room. Contacts: (3912) 230-400.
To purchase tickets from KrasAir you can contact their office in Krasnoyarsk: (3912) 65-16-39 (9, Aerovokzalnaya st. and offices in city center).
If you are in Moscow, another Russian city or abroad, you can purchase a KrasAir ticket online through Travel Services / Airline Tickets.


If you have a mobile phone (see Practicalities for the list of local GSM operators), you can just ring up the taxi operators when you need to get from one point to another. The "normal" prices are as follows: train station to main street Prospekt Mira: 130R (€2), city center to Stolby national park: 360R (€6).
Taxi telephones: (3912) 52-99-99 and 41-14-51. You can also take a taxi at any moment near Hotel Krasnoyarsk.
On our trip to Krasnoyarsk we met a very nice driver Andrey (on photo), who works in a taxi company. He said that taxi is his hobby, his main jobs is bringing Volga-GAZ cars from Nizhny Novgorod to Krasnoyarsk. 


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