Going Out in Novosibirsk - Food, Entertainment, and Activities

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 21 Apr 2015)
Going out in Novosibirsk might be suprisignly interesting. Apart from nice cafés and bars, there are a few art spaces, which might be worth a visit. One of them is Loft TRAVA, which hosts several coffee shops, printing workshop, dance school etc.
Now on tour, White Cube Gallery is in fact an old garage, painted and put on wheels. Apparently now traveling somewhere in Germany, it has been a highlight in Novosibirsk art scene for a while. Siberian Contemporary Art Centre opened in 2010 sadly now moved to Tomsk

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Art space Loft Trava

One of the few places, which try to activate cultural activities in Novosibirsk, is the project Loft Trava(funny enough, 'trava' means grass in Russian, so one might think about grass roots organizations).

Going Out in Novosibirsk - Food, Entertainment, and Activities

Going out in Novosibirskmight be suprisignlyinteresting.

Food in Novosibirsk

As you’re walking through Novosibirsk you will surely find some places to eat.