Sightseeing in Novosibirsk

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 14 Apr 2015)
Novosibirsk center is not particularly attractive. Full of apartment blocks and panel houses it can be grim and unwelcoming. However, its beauty is in the decay projected through those giant gray buildings, which then turns into shining when the sun comes down.
Sunset in Novosibirsk - photo by Mikhail Koninin -
One of the reasons to visit Novosibirsk is surely for its famous Akademgorok. Former soviet heart of scientific research and critical thought, it is also a nice place to wonder. 
Ob Sea This is not really a sea, but an artificial water reservoir, still, it’s huge and people swim there. Located outside of Novosibirsk on the way to Akademgorodok, Ob Sea is can be a nice and welcoming break from the Trans-Siberian journey.
You can make a fire, bring vodka, meet some crazy locals during the night and drink the night away. Great place to chill or to have a picnic.
Take a bus number 15 from the central station (1 hour trip) and then walk towards the sea.
Ob Sea photoshoot photo by Andrew Kudrin -


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