Traveling around Ulan-Ude & to Baikal Lake

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 19 May 2015)
Ulan-Ude is located about 250 km from Baikal lake, but if you take a bus or a shuttle, you'll be able to get there in 3 hours.

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Eastern Shore of Baikal — Buryatia:

What is It: Sandy, warm, and sunny beaches, popular among Russian travelers. There are some secluded spots and a lot of thermal springs as well.
How to Get There: The auto road goes all along the Eastern shore of Baikal. There's at least 1 daily bus. You can also book a boat from Irkutsk.
Pros: Sunny, hot weather, warm lake, sandy beaches, possible to camp freely either among people or alone. Great food. Accessibility.
Contras: The tourist infrastructure is not well developed, so you can get there on your own only if you are brave or speak Russian, or if you book a trip with a travel agency.
[See the Eastern Shore of Baikal - Buryatia Guide]





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Practical Advices for Travelers in Ulan-Ude:

Health: Drugstore: Lenina ulitsa.

Introduction to Ulan-Ude, Travel Highlights, History, and General Facts:

Ulan-Ude is the first city along the Trans-Siberian that feels like you’ve finally arrived to Asia.

Transport in Ulan-Ude:

Ulan-Ude is located on the Trans-Siberian railway (7 hours after Irkutsk), so all major Trans-Siberian trains stop there.