Musei Prirody - Museum of Nature in Ulan Ude, Buryatia

The Museum of Nature in Ulan Ude is a nice place to visit to have an idea of Baikal’s fauna and flora. All the species who live in Baikal are shown here.
Stuffed animals stand in a scenery resembling their natural environment. One room features a miniature model of Baikal Lake, it’s islands and the surrounding mountains. It shows the depth of the lake and gives a clear image of the geology of the area. Many species are endemic (e.g. they grow or live only in Baikal) such as clear water seals, who like to lie on rocks close to Olkhon Island.
Nerpa- clear water seal - photo by Sergey Gabdurakhmanov/
It also shows how species adapt to the cold winter in Baikal region, there are wolfs, rabbits and the rare hermins with white winter fur. It’s a charming visit, because the decoration, and the display made in the 70-80s are a bit dusty and dated. Some photos show local Buryat and Russian scientists working together in Soviet times. Both people seem to be passionate about their work with Nature, maybe this love of Baikal Nature helped such a peaceful cohabitation of the two people.
Entrance: 10 roubles ($0.3), Open hours: 10.00-18.00 (closed on mon and tue), Address: Lenina, 46 (the main street)


Museum of Nature - Musei Prirody
46, Lenina Street


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