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Where to find a legal translator?

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Though English prevails in all aspects of human life (economic, political and cultural), legal translation services become more popular every day.  The majority of countries are not linguistically homogeneous. For example, the English-speaking USA have become home for many different nationalities that include hundreds of languages and dialects. So lawyers and attorneys often need a legal translator’s assistance with evidences, court records and foreign documentation. Moreover, legal translation is the most difficult type of professional translation services because of  its high quality requirements. The slightest mistake can ruin hours, days and months of hard work. For this reason, severe requirements are applied to juridical translators. Even if a lawyer or his staff speak foreign languages, they cannot provide document translation services because of specific knowledge and technique of juridical translation.
Where to find a legal translator? This question makes many people suffer. So there are some sites which could help you find a high-qualified legal translator and be sure of their high quality work.
1.    Upwork is the most famous online platform where you can find professional translators from all over the world. A freelancer determines an hourly rate on his account. Furthermore, a client specifies the project budget and conditions. The specialists can be paid per hour or at fixed intervals. When customer chooses an hourly payment, he pays for the time of freelancer. The fixed payment is used for big and long-termed projects. Moreover, the time tracking is controlled by a special programe, which user should download and install on his computer. All payments are transferred via Upwork. The commission rate is 10%.
A customer can estimate the quality of the executed work. However, the rating could be baseless and prejudiced.  
2.    Freelancer.com has a big database of translators who can provide a client with translation from hundreds of source languages to hundreds of target languages. Moreover, the site also offers the proofreading services. You can post a project on this web platform and find a high-qualified professional. The fee for the site is standard – 10%. A user with a free account can post only 8 projects per month and is not able to make direct deposit withdrawals. Only premium accounts give opportunities to have special features. The minimum fee for them is 5$.
3.    2Polyglot is a fast-growing start-up, which proposes translation from/to all existed languages. The site proposes the Safe Deal option that secures clients from fraud and dishonest executor. It is a specialized linguistic  platform. So the search for legal translator will take less time.  You can estimate the professional level of executors according to their downloaded certificates, portfolio, and CV.  Moreover, all linguists should complete the verification process.  It will take you only 1 minute to submit your project. As a result, you can find a high-qualified juridical translator in the short period of time. The site is new so it should win a reputation.
4.    Proz is an international platform where the price of linguists services is determined per word. The average price is $0,07-0,10. Only translators selected by the customer can see the budget of a posted project. The site does not charge a fee. However, it offers users to pay  for their membership: $99 per 6 month or $149 per year. These premium accounts are shown on the top of rating on the site.
The platform has unattractive design and usability.
asked Feb 16, 2016 in Trans-Siberian by Lebron (120 points)

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