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Will Russia allow me to have Tri-citizenship?

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I am an American male and I have dual citizenship to two countries. I have passport to both countries. USA is my homeland and Iran(because my birth father is from Iran)

I have always wanted to live in Russia for a long time and it has been 5-6 years overdue (Either the city of Moscow or St Petersburg). I have a big passion for the culture, and I want to have a fresh start by going to school there and I can work as an English teacher until I am able to open up an establishment in Russia.

My main questions are:

1. I want to know how much it will cost for me to move to Russia and I want to know how I can immigrate there without much problems.

2. If I wanted to obtain permanent residence and get Russian citizenship, will I have to surrender my two passports to USA & Iran?

I read somewhere that if you want to become a full russian citizen, you have to give up your original citizenship and you must know fluent russian(that is why I am taking the time to learn russian at my own pace). will marrying a russian woman give me a little more leeway to not surrendering my citizenship to 2 other countries? will Russia allow me to be a tri-citizen?

I would like to know for more information and information that is to the best of your knowledge. thank you
asked Mar 3, 2016 in About Russia by princeauron (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
2. It doesn't matter how many citizenships you have and you are not obligated to give them up: only to officially declare.

1. Is a more complex one. Obtaining any citizenship is quite a long process. Note that for Americans there is a new regulation which allows you to get a 3 year visa (180 day of stay per year). You can read more about it here: http://waytorussia.net/RussianVisa/3-Year-Russian-Visa-US-Citizens.html .
One can become a temporary resident, only if invited by a private person to Russian Federation (private invitation). It will take about 1 month or longer to process the application. Then you can apply for a temp residency. Note that there is a certain quota of foreigners whose application will be accepted (unless, say you are married to a Russian person). Then the Federal Migration Service will have six months to consider your application. If everything goes well after one year you can apply for a permanent one.
answered Mar 10, 2016 by marumu (1,900 points)