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First class of the trans siberian train, is disappeard in your site.

+1 vote
Hello 'Waytorussia' team,
I tried to purchase tickets for the 'TRANS SIBERIAN TRAIN'
by your site. I went to the page with the trains timetable and I looking
for the first class, which was there lately, but I can't see it any more.
Can you tell me what happen, can you tell me how can I purchase
first class tickets on line ?
Thanks in advance.
Elkana Harnof.
asked Apr 22, 2015 in Trans-Siberian by Elkana Harnof (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Probably they got sold out. Did you check http://trains.waytorussia.net ?
answered Apr 29, 2015 by demleedz (1,400 points)