Apartments for Rent in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 19 Aug 2009)

Whether you're coming to Russia for a travel or a business trip, alone or with your family or friends, it can be nice to stay in your own apartment. It can make one feel the city life better and provide greater independence, intimacy, safety, and comfort. Besides, often it's cheaper than staying in a hotel or even a hostel.

On our site we do not have the widest selection of apartments. Instead, we offer only a few that we personally know to offer the best combination of quality / price / location. To help you make the choice, we provide our own opinion about each apartment alongside the landlords' own description.

We currently offer two different ways to book an apartment:

1. Budget apartments exclusive to Way to Russia
(e-mail the company first, confirm the deal, make a reservation)
Accommodation: Selected: Apartment

Alternatives: Hotel  |  Real-Time Bookings


Maximum Price:

Total Rooms:


Minutes to Metro:

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Service provided by carefully selected landlords and real-estate agencies. We welcome your feedback about their services.
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Using the options below you can reserve your apartment in real-time. These are more upscale apartments with a better customer service, but they are more expensive than the ones you can find above.


This free independent travel guide to Russia exists thanks to the commission we get when you order these hand-picked trusted third-party services or when you buy our book. Please, support us!


Or choose the city where you would like to rent an apartment:

Apartments for Rent in Moscow

Apartments for Rent in St. Petersburg

Apartments for Long-Term Rent

Looking to save money on rent?

Try to find some offers on our roommate matching service, FlatMates.Ru. You can also post your profile there to find somebody to share your rent with.
You can also use it to find great long-term rent offers. For example, here's an option to rent a room in the most elite building in Moscow center for only $550/month cash (normally you get a studio in this area for $1500).

Customer Support:
All the communication regarding apartments (reservation, payment, and technical issues) should be conducted with the landlords or operators, not WayToRussia.Net. Their contacts are shown next to apartment descriptions and will also be sent to you with confirmation e-mail.

If you would like to give us a feedback on apartments, so that we can share it with others, and control the quality of the apartments presented on this site, please, go to Our Team / Feedback.

(Old listings of Moscow Apartment Rentals)
(Old listings of St. Petersburg Apartment Rentals)

For Landlords:

If you would like to rent out your apartment for short-term periods, you can present it on this site. To do this, please, go to the Landlords section, and send us your application form.
A representative of WayToRussia.Net will contact you to arrange a meeting to assure the quality of the apartment.
The apartment will be accepted in our database, if it complies with our standards: quality, fair price, good location, trustfullness of the landlord.

Our service department can also assist you in providing customer and information support to your tenants, please, write to us for more details. 


2. Real-time bookings with live availability
(book your apartment within seconds, online payments accepted)
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