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Internet Resources & Web Access.
Internet Salon. There are not

so many internet cafйs in the centre. If you ask someone in the streets he would definitely point at this one in Galkinskaya Street. True, it has everything that an internet cafй should have. An hour of work in the Internet costs 48 rubles (~$1,8), the connection is stable, the speed is medium, enough to surf on the net. There are about 20 computers and a couple of printers. No drinks or food are served. CDs, DVDs, floppy discs are on sale.

Open hours: 8:00-20:00 daily Address: Galkinskaya St., #16 Tel: (8172) 25-17-72.

Telekom. The service centre of Telekom Company also

provides access to the Internet as well as international calls. The connection is not always stable; an hour of work costs 30 rubles. This place is not very comfortable but might be useful after 20:00 when Internet Salon is closed.

Open hours: 9:00-22:00 Address: Gertsena, #41.

The Vologda Regional Library. On the first floor of the Regional Library there is an access point for 40 rubles per hour.
Open hours: 10:00-20:00 (till 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays) daily except Friday Address: Mari Ulianovoi St. #1.

Useful Web Resources about Vologda: – the official site of the Vologda Region Government is represented in Russian, English and German. A comprehensive resource about the whole Vologda land. The latest transport schedules. – the official site of Vologda (in Russian only) - a catalog of Vologda resources on any topic.

City telephone information service: 09; from a cell phone: +7817209.

American Corner.
If you ever need any help during your stay in Vologda you are always welcome to the American Corner. The coordinator of the Corner is Elena Markova – a very nice and kind woman who is always willing to help and answer any question. There many interesting young people and people from other countries visiting the American Corner, with whom you might exchange experience or organize a conversation; everyone speaks English. They also provide free Internet access.
Address: Mari Uliyanovoy, #1, in the Vologda Regional Library, second floor
Tel: (8172) 25-15-38

Mobile Networks.
The most widespread operator in Vologda is MegaFon; it also has a better coverage in the region. There are also MTC and Beeline and they are becoming more popular because they offer better prices. Beeline offers yet the cheapest calls – only 0,45 rubles (~$0,02) per minute. MegaFon or MTC would be at least as twice as more expensive. You can pick up a Beeline SIM card at their office on Torgovaya Square, #1 or in any cell phone shop you’ll see. The centre is literally overfilled with them. It costs 150 rubles (~$5,8) which will go to your account. Thus, the SIM card itself is for free. If you plan to make a lot of local calls it is definitely worth buying one. Roaming prices are extremely unprofitable.

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Vologda is developing rapidly

in every respect so there are always new shops opening, the assortment of products available is constantly growing while the quality of the service is getting better and better. For example, a couple of years ago we didn’t have a big modern 24/7 supermarket in town, now we have many of them and they keep on building new ones. In the centre you’ll be able to find clothes shops, computer shops, souvenir shops, food shops, cell phone shops and so on and so forth. You can visit the city market (location is shown on the map) on Batyushkova St.,

#3-a for food and Tsentralnyi Univermag (TSUM) situated near the city market for clothes, souvenirs and other various stuff of all sorts possible. Besides, there is a great deal of very good shops and shopping centers scattered all around in the centre and providing nice shopping opportunities. I’d say the centre of the city actually consists of shops, bars and restaurants.

The City Market
Address: Batyushkova St., 3-a.

Shopping centre “Oasis”
Address: Mira St., #82.

Shopping centre “Leningradskiy”
Address: Mira St., #3.

Shopping centre “Kristall”
Address: Kozlyonskaya St., #3.




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