Oleg Kulik Performance Artist

Author: waytorussia (on 04 Feb 2015)
Oleg Kulik is a contemporary Russian artist working in the fields of performance and visual installation. His most known performance was to act like a dog, naked, biting and barking at people at the exhibitions where he wasn’t invited. “I love America, but America doesn’t love me.” 

The work that Kulik made before the dog performance, back in the 80s, was called “Deep Into Russia”. It involved numerous and not very successful attempts of  entering into direct and deep intimate relationships with real animals in the deep Russian countryside.

The more recent work was about the body and representation: real-size replicas of female tennis players, or Kulik himself plastering glitter all over himself and hanging up his body under the ceiling to act as a disco ball.

Oleg Kulik and Alexander Brener - Dog Performance

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