AK47 Kalashnikov Gun

Author: waytorussia (on 20 Jul 2015)

#ak47 #kalashnikov – Hailed as the first operational system with intuitive interface Kalashnikov machine gun, also known as AK-47 is truly easy to use. Probably the most famous Russian export product and the most  efficient machine gun of all times, which can fire under water, below the sand, and basically in any conditions. It’s also cheaper than its Western counterparts. This versatility has made Kalashnikov the number one communication device for those who couldn’t get their voice heard. It also ensured that even the most authoritarian dictatorships could always be brought down in case things get too much out of hand...

Suri with Kalashnikov AK-47 in Ethiopia photo by flickr.com/photos/rod_waddington
The technical properties of Kalashnikov are pretty interesting: the bullet can fly as far as 3 km but the standard shooting distance is 0 - 400 m. The physical impulse from the actual shot is actually not that intense, however, the power of the shot is truly impressive in a shocking kind of way: a very soft move on the trigger releases a flow of destructive energy.

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You can try Kalashnikov at Strelkovy Club shooting range in Moscow.


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