Mikhail Levadny - Михаил Левадный

Author: waytorussia (on 15 Jul 2016)

Mikhail Levadny is from the country of Ukraine, but as most of his prophecies are in Russian we consider him to be one of the most important local prophets around.


In his numerous YouTube video blog posts Mikhail reveals various mysteries: from the origin of graffiti tags to clairvoyance. Some may disregard him as a crazy person, but to us Mikhail's genius is not to be underestimated. Much of what he says cannot be verified as "true" using traditional rational apparatus. His phenomenology relies on another, irrational realm. And it is in this realm that Mikhail's work opens multiple new threads, narratives and pathways beyond the normality, inscribing fictional into the real and the other way round.

Here we present one of his videos translated to English (on the sorcery of reptiles, explaining the origin of graffiti tags) and you can also check out his YouTube channel for more stuff (in Russian)

Mikhail Levadny talking about clairvoyance

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