Part 1: Russian Alphabet – Russian language tutorial and online phrasebook

Author: waytorussia (on 01 Feb 2015)
If you want to learn something before traveling to Russia, learn the Russian alphabet. Most of the signs are in Russian, so it’s going to be much easier to find your way around if you can decipher cyrillic. So we highly recommend you to print out this page for future reference.

Knowing the Russian alphabet might be useful if you’re not traveling to Russia, but using the Russian equipment, such as AK-47, Exosuits, GLONASS, Grechka, PK-90, SOBR, Ryazhenka and so on. Knowing the Russian alphabet will help you identify the right way of handling those objects.

Sounds Like in English Word: Sound and how it is marked Comments
father a   
bomb b   
vault v   
go g   
do d   
yet e soft
yo! yo one sound
vision zh one sound
zebra z   
yield i   
short "yi" i   
kinky k   
loony l (soft)
monk m   
no n  
long o   
pot p   
corrida r (strong, like in spanish)
sucks s   
take t   
look u or oo (marked "oo" when longer)
fake f   
host kh (like strong "h")
mats ts   
cheeky ch   
shock sh   
shch shch   
silent   separates two letters
busy or above y it's like more open e and i together
onion   softens the previous letter
land e more open
mute yu   
yankee ya   

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