Part 5: Transport & Time - Russian language online tutorial and phrasebook

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 01 Feb 2015)
Sometimes words are needed to initiate movement. Most of the time it happens when you don't know where you want to go or when you have several options and need to choose one of them. This is where knowing some keywords that indicate directions and landmarks come handy, especially in Russia where it is very easy to get lost...


Moving Around:

english russian pronounced hear it!
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where   gde listen listen
here   `zdes' listen listen
there   tam listen listen
street   `ulitsa listen listen
where is Tveskaya street?   G`de Tvers`kaya `ulitsa? listen listen
far / near   dale`ko / b`lizko listen listen
left / right   `levo / `pravo listen listen
straight ahead   p`ryamo listen listen
behind   poza`di listen listen
excuse me, where's the nearest metro   izvi'nite, gde
bli'zhaishee met'ro
listen listen
behind the corner за поворотом za povo'rotom listen listen
up there наверху naverkhu listen listen
down there внизу vnizu listen listen



english russian pronounced hear it!
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train station   vok`zal listen listen
airport   aero`port listen listen
transport   t`ransport listen listen
metro   metro listen listen
bus   av`tobus listen listen
mini-bus, shuttle   marsh`rutka listen listen
car   ma`shina listen listen
taxi   tak`si listen listen
train   `poezd listen listen
number `nomer listen listen
a ticket bi`let listen listen
a trip po`ezdka listen listen
a stop osta`novka listen listen
a station s`tantsia listen listen
next s`leduyushchaya listen listen
when does the train depart когда отправляется поезд? kog'da otprav'lyaetsya 'poezd? listen listen
what time во сколько? vo skolko?    
when does the train arrive когда пребывает поезд? kog'da preby'vaet 'poezd? listen listen



english russian pronounced hear it!
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when   kog`da listen listen
time   v`remya listen listen
what time is it?   s`kolko v`remya listen listen
how much time it takes to get there (by car)? s'kolko vremya 'ekhat listen listen
when когда открывается музей? kogda otkryvaetsya musei? listen listen
after dinner после обеда posle obeda listen listen
until tomorrow до завтра do zavtra listen listen
directly (in time) сразу srazu    
sometimes иногда inogda listen listen
always всегда vsegda listen listen
never никогда nikogda listen listen
not yet пока нет poka net listen listen


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