Part 6: Money & Checking In a Hotel - Russian language tutorial and phrasebook

Author: waytorussia (on 01 Feb 2015)
One day there may be a situation where you end up in a small Siberian town with nowhere to sleep. That's when you'll need to know a few Russian phrases to quickly explain to an old babushka that you would like to rent her room for one night, because you're cold and tired...

The easiest thing to do is to print this page out and to just point to what you want to say if you don't want to say it. Alternatively, you can also learn a few phrases, so you can flirt with a hotel clerk more successfully.


Checking In a Hotel / Apartment

english russian pronounced
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a hotel   gos`tinitsa listen listen
a hostel   `khostel listen listen
a room   `komnata listen listen
a key   klyutch listen listen
a bed   kro`vat' listen listen
toilettes M/W   tua`let M/ZH listen listen
shower   `dush listen listen
kitchen   `kukhnya listen listen
how much does one night cost s'kolko s'toit od'na noch listen listen
free room svo'bodnaya komnata listen listen
do you have a free room u vas est svobodnaya komnata listen listen
I need... мне нужен mne 'nuzhen listen listen
a single room одноместный номер odno'mestny 'nomer listen listen
a double room двухместный номер dvuh'mestny nomer listen listen
starting from 1 january until 7 january начиная с первого января до седьмого января nachi'naya s 'pervogo do sed'mogo yanva'rya listen listen
i want to reserve я хочу забронировать ya kho'chu zabro'nirovat' listen listen
is there a shower? есть ли там est li tam dush? listen listen
is everything ok? всё в порядке? vsyo v po'ryadke? listen listen
I will arrive on 1st of January at 10 o'clock. я приеду первого января в десять часов ya pri'edu 'pervogo yanva'rya v 'desyat' cha'sov listen listen
I will stay for 5 days я буду жить пять дней ya budu zhit pyat dnei listen listen
tomorrow завтра 'zavtra listen listen
doesn't work не работает ne ra'botaet listen listen
i need a key мне нужен ключ mne nuzhen kluch listen listen
where's the toilet? где туалет? gde tualet? listen listen

Changing Money:

english russian pronounced
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rouble / roubles   `rubl' / rub`li listen listen
dollars   `dollary listen listen
currency exchange   ob`men va`luty listen listen
bank   bank listen listen
how much   s`kol'ko listen listen
price   tse`na listen listen
how much does it cost s'kolko eto s'toit listen listen
what's the exchange rate ka'koi kurs listen listen
i want to change dollars ya hochu obmenyat dollary listen listen


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