Part 9: Shopping and Food - Russian language online tutorial and phrasebook

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 04 May 2011)
The most basic Russian phrases, which will be useful for shopping, ordering in a restaurant, or talking about food.




english russian pronounced
hear it!
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how much is ... (the bread)?   skol'ko s`toit ... (khleb)? listen listen
how much does it cost?   skol'ko eto stoit? listen listen
a shop /
a supermarket
  maga`zin /
show me this покажите мне ... (это) poka'zhite mne ... eto listen listen
this is too expensive это очень дорого eto 'ochen 'dorogo listen listen
can I try this on? можно померять? 'mozhno po'meryat listen listen


english russian pronounced
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food   e`da listen listen
water   vo`da listen listen
juice   sok listen listen
coffee   kofe listen listen
tea   tchai listen listen
sugar   `sakhar listen listen
beer `pivo listen listen
vodka `vodka listen listen
lunch `lanch listen listen
dinner o`bed listen listen
bread kh`leb listen listen
potatoes kar`toshka listen listen
rice ris listen listen
meat `myaso listen listen
fish `ryba listen listen
chicken `kuritsa listen listen
I want to eat я хочу есть ya kho'chu est' listen listen
Where can I eat? где можно поесть? gde mozhno poest'? listen listen

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