Bliny - Russian Pancakes

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 01 Feb 2015)
Blini - Блины - is a famous Russian speciality and there’s a lot of different ways to cook them.
The thick ones baked with soda are called Oladyi - Оладьи, these can be eaten with homemade jams, fish, caviar or sour cream. The thin ones are called bliny and those can be eaten with anything you like.

Russian Oladyi

Oladyi - photo by Ewan Munro -
The nature of Bliny is such that it’s a soft porous substance, which is ready to take in the tastes and influences from around itself, integrating them fully into one’s own being. In that Bliny are teaching us to be permeable, open, sensitive and adaptable.

Another important thing about Bliny is the timing: every step of preparation needs the perfect synchrony, so learning to make good Bliny is a kind of training that can prove useful elsewhere.

The perfect way to make bliny is to take 2 glasses of flour, gradually pour 3 glasses of milk (while mixing – remember the timing!), add half a teaspoon of salt and 3 tablespoons of sugar, then take 4 eggs and beat them up separately into foam, add them into the dough and mix everything well again.

Now that the substance is ready for departure, take a frying pan, put some sunflower oil, heat it up well, and then pour the substance onto the hot surface. Once the edges of the pancake are brown, look underneath and turn over if necessary.

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Do it as many times as the number of discrete permeable items you want to obtain from the original substance.

Russian Bliny

photo by Bolshakov -



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