Russian Borsch Soup

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 01 Feb 2015)

Borsch – Борщ - is one of the most famous Russian soups. It’s made out of beetroot, onion, carrots, potatoes, sometimes meat or fish and cabbage as well.


The best and the easiest way to cook it is to take a pan, fry thinly sliced onion, carrots and cabbage together until they all get kind of brown and nice. In the meanwhile use another pot to boil potatoes and beetroots in stock (can also be a meat broth).
Every good soup has a secret. To keep the intensity of the dark red color you should slightly pre-fry beetroot with spoonful of sugar, lemon juice or a drop of vinegar mixed with water.
Once the potatoes and beetroot are ready, add the fried vegetables and cabbage and let it all sit together for a bit, so that all the veggies meet, interact, exchange molecules, fuse their energies and tastes. Borsch goes well with smetana (thick cream) and dill as a topping.
As an entity in itself, Borsch communicates through our gut flora into our brain and body something about the universe that’s both thick and powerful, solid and intense, beautiful and agile, nutritious and overwhelming at the same time.


Russian borsch soup

Russian borsch with dark bread photo by Tanya F -

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