Grechka - Russian Buckwheat Kasha

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 01 Feb 2015)
Grechka (or buckwheat) - Гречка - is an amazing crop very popular in Russia.
Unlike other crops, grechka really feels like buds and has a distinct crunchy consistency and a very special rich taste. Unfortunately most of the buckwheat sold in the West is not the same as the Russian one.The Russian one is kind of roasted or maybe it’s just more mature. In any case, the darker – the better, so try to choose accordingly.

To cook it on your own, take a glass and a half of water, boil it, add a glass of grechka (wash it well before adding it into the pan), add a pinch of salt and leave it cooking for about 10 minutes on medium fire covered with a lid, so that all water is soaked inside the buckwheat.

Once there’s no water left, turn off the fire and let Grechka rest for about 10-20 minutes covered with a lid. This helps the buckwheat buds arrive to their fullest potential. When serving, add some butter or mix it with something else.
Grechka be eaten with lots of different foods and any time of the day, but our favorite is to serve it with fresh cold milk and sugar for breakfast.

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The important thing about buckwheat is its special qualities. This crop contains almost all the nutrients you need: from iron to protein. It also can take on the taste of anything that you mix it with. In that Grechka is the most universal of all foods as it both contains the universe but also allows itself to be permeated by it.

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