Syrniki - Cottagecheese Cutlet

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 01 Feb 2015)
Syrniki - Сырники - is another amazing dish from Russia.
All you need is to find some relatively fat and grainy cottage cheese (tvorog), mix it well with 1 or 2 eggs, add some salt and sugar, and make balls the size of half fist and roll them in wheat flour. You can even add a bit of flour into the mix to make syrniki stick better together, but that is cheating.

After that fry those syrniki in sunflower seed oil and you’ve got an amazing breakfast. To be eaten with sour cream or jam.

Syrniki contain the liquid which is the essence of life: solidified milk or tvorog. Glued by the more earthy element - Flour - and the more fiery element - Egg - they come into contact with Air to form the complete alignment with the universe.

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Syrniki - Russian cheese pancakes

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