Serge Dur-Dachnik - The Russian Sadhu - Серж Дур-Дачник

Author: waytorussia (on 15 Jul 2016)

Serge Dur Dachnik is a simple Russian guy from Krasnodar, which is a city in the south of Russia close to Crimea. He has his own YouTube channel and a VK page where he posts his daily philosophical observations about life. Most of his videos are a mix of raw street talk (great to learn Russian "мат"!), spirituality, and highly complex philosophical and scientific discourse.

Serge reviews the movies he has seen (Terminator V), gives advice about healthy diet, teaches a basic chemistry lesson and much more. In a way, Serge is similar to Spooky Black – an enigmatic and super talented 16 year old US rapper who emerged in the internet in 2014 and made quite a statement with his lo-fi music videos filmed in remote outskirts of American countryside, super quality sound and explicit lyrics. Both come from a small town and manage to bring their environment, context and cultural heritage in relation to ultra contemporary discourse in truly original ways thanks to the bits and pieces of information they encounter on the internet and the extra time they have living free of the hectic big city rhythms... 

Serge may sometimes seem funny, scary, or romantic, but he is always sincere and true to himself. This is his main quality and if you listen to his words carefully, you might discover a lot of truths that we tend to forget living in a distracted world of images that pass through our multifractal universe taking the shapes of concrete things that sometimes seem too real, making us forget ephemeral and temporary nature of existence.
Serge Dur Dachnik - the Russian philosopher and sage

An excerpt from Serge's writings:

 “Serge, why do you think that most of us do not express their depth, their sexuality, just like you do it. I guess this is because of complexes and prejudices?”

“Hi, Aleksey and bless you! To answer your question about self-expression I will say the following. Generally you are right: these are of course all complexes and prejudices. But I will also say something else – the most extreme form of non-freedom is when you have something to lose that you actually value. I guess you get the message: a person who has nothing to lose – and therefore not afraid of it – is free and full of bliss.

Generally, those who can transgress and leave the cage and the chains of fear and delusional anxieties – merge with infinity and comprehend the Sacral Revelation. There is no sin and no death in eternity. It’s like a short shred on the infinite canvas made out of those shreds – that’s why it’s also so infinite and so beautiful. And the “sin” – as is it called by those who went astray – is the same kind of universal apparition as any other apparitions and events. In its apparition it fills in this multiplicity, satiating this infinite palette of multiformity and diversity. 

Serge Dur Dachnik at his countryside

In my life I don’t give a fuck about anything. I am at all times simultaneously within several multiplicities: multiplicity of variations, multiplicity of levels, multiplicity of evaluations and so on. And I never stay too long on any one level – be it my feelings, sensations or realisations. One can say that I am a “zero phenomenon”, a “zero person” who is at the same time everywhere and nowhere, who is simultaneously involved into infinity and yet does not exist in any stable form on a concrete level or direction. I take much more pleasure in calling myself a “universal apparition” rather than using the worldly term “human”. 

That’s why this worldly totality and, particularly, the life of intelligent matter - of humanity - for me is a phenomenological, perceptual, scientific and sensual kind of substance. with all its characteristics and processes, with all the transformations and totalities. That’s my place and that’s my nature in this life, in this world, in this universe, in this range of eternal universal creation. I am constituted in this way and express in multiple layers my uniqueness and totality, just like you do with yours and everything and everyone else. I am the one who feels and realises the element and the apparition. In my active life and at a level of reality I am a fool, at the level of occupation I am a summer resident. I’m also a dumbhead who is completely fucked up, and I am also a genius within multiplicity – in one – and especially in absolute balance, which gives me immense experience of harmony and allocation. I am some kind of “zero apparition”, Lesha. And the halo, one of apologists and the halos of my freedom and my emancipation is the complete and total attitude of not giving a fuck about anything. That the absolute if the likeness of VERITY. THE UNIFIED VERITY, which is the following: everything IS and EXISTS. Everything is and exists in the infinite multitude of apparitions, processes and transformations. In the multiplicity of cycles and variations and so on. That’s why, and as the outcome of this Unified Verity of Universal Existence, everything is simultaneous and it is fulfilled infinitely with meaning, while at the same time there is no meaning in anything. Do not look obsessively for the meaning in something as it is not there. However, do not deny and do not reject meaning, because it is eternal and eternal is everything that is in it. Are you able to see the beauty – there is meaning simultaneously in everything, because everything is eternal, but at the same time there is no meaning anywhere – again and also because everything is eternal anyway. Hence, to know and to experience oneself, to accept ones universal allocation and to just exist within this Universal Creation being one of its many facets and verges is the greatest Sacred Gift and the Godlike Bliss. To witness eternity and to comprehend multiplicity where you will be seeing yourself within this multiplicity and within a parade of infinite variations and in the cycles of likeness – and so on – is the greatest and truly mesmerizing kind of feeling of happiness. To each their own and to everything its own time!!! 

Good luck to you with everything and let your unique nature blossom harmoniously in this life and in this world, Lesha. I wish you wisdom, deep realization and understanding, sacred and the most subtle feelings and all the best! May the Bliss be with you!

(Serge Dur-Dachnik, from correspondence with subscribers, 18 April 2015 VK)

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