Russian Girls: Stereotypes, Statistics and Sexual Desire

Author: waytorussia (on 30 Jan 2015)

To write about young Russian women aka girls is a triple suicide mission: categorizing people by age, nationality and sex is not the most rewarding enterprise. However, we cannot ignore the fact that young Russian women do exist and that they're also the object of intense interest around the world. So let's consider this a kind of anthropological research with a few practical recommendations.

Stereotypes and Hot Pics

Google Analytics is telling us that most people come to this page searching for pictures of hot Russian girls (check check check), so here are the top photos that show up on Google image search for these keywords:

Russian girls at an exhibition - photo by Vitaly Kuzmin -


Russian peasant girls - photo by Sergey Pokudin-Gorsky

and this:

Russian girls in a village

Those three photos probably cover the whole range of stereotypes that exist about the Russian girls, so probably it makes sense to verbalize some of those in order to get done with them. Russian girls are quite beautiful. They like to dress sexy. They have a very special fashion sense. They are nice people and good hosts. They have difficult character. These are all generalizations and most of them apply to the Russian men as well, but the subjective visual experience delivered by Google search results shows that those are somehow more likely to be related to Russian women.

Environment, Statistics, and Sexual Desire

Now that we're done with generalizations and stereotypes, let's take a more scientific stance. A shift from subjective towards objective or at least to the kind of subjective that's generalized, so it becomes more or less objective.

It's well known that our environment shapes who we are. In the same way, Russian girls' character is also shaped by their environment. The environment they have to live in is not the most friendly one: it's often aggressive, it wants to use them, it's full of lies and drama. So they develop some sort of hardness in order to protect themselves. This hardness in character, in turn, produces even more aggressive behavior towards them, creating a self-reinforcing feedback loop or a vicious cycle, which is very hard to escape.

In order to break free, we need to understand the current situation better, so let's turn to statistics.

Google has a very good tool called "Keyword Planner" to help advertisers bid on the most popular search terms. It shows how many people search for a given search phrase and in which context.

russian girls google search results

What we find out is that on average people search for the "Russian girls" about 1 Mln times a month, peaking in March (spring time, perhaps). We also see that most of the searches occur in the context of "dating" and "sexy". So definitely there's interest either to date them or to have sex with them, or both.

Compare this with the Google results for "American girls" or for "French girls":

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Both are not nearly as popular (French girls surprisingly do very badly on Google's most wanted list). Most people are interested in American girls in the context of finding a new girl's name, dressing them up, or getting a doll. While French girls are traditionally associated with being pretty and the French kiss, which is understandable.

This very superficial and yet quite informative study of the Google search terms reveals the fact that Russian girls are insanely more popular than their European and American counterparts and that they attract a level of interest that is very much related to some sort of proximity, even intimacy we might say.

In other words, Russian girls, more often than girls from other countries, are looked at as objects of sexual desire. In a conservative and authoritarian country like Russia this sort of demand produces is a very categorical attitude towards sex: it's either too superficial or too precious – with nothing in between (rare exceptions exist, of course). Faced with this choice, men tend to make their intentions seem more precious than they really are (who wants to seem superficial?), which, in turn, crystallizes this sort of attitude even more. Other men act like assholes and that doesn't help the situation either. Relationships turn into games of commitment and power, sexual attraction turns into currency, and that's when you start understanding why everyone is so crazy in Dostoevsky's and Tolstoy's novels.
The only way out, it seems, is for the both parties to take it easy and chill. Inclination towards extremes is an important part of the Russian character, but intersubjective relations is the one area where it gets pretty nasty exactly for that reason. Therefore, honesty, transparency and a good degree of playfulness can add colors to the otherwise black and white landscape. Trust and commitment can only be built through a common experience.

Russian Girls Personality Traits

Now that the objective truth is revealed, let's move on to discuss various personality traits that young Russian women are more likely to have than their counterparts from the other countries. After an extensive and long-lasting study of Russian girls from a variety of Russian regions we distilled a few very important characteristic features that tend to express themselves more often than others.

For one thing, life in Russia is still difficult. As we keep saying, the environment we grow up in affects our character. And even though the young generation has it much easier than the generation before them, you need to be a fighter to survive in Russia. Therefore, most Russian girls, just like Russian guys, tend to be fighters.

Another aspect of Russian girls' personality is that they are not as much affected by feminist discourse as the young women from other countries. Russia was one of the first countries in the 20th century where women had the same rights as men and abortion was made legal before the 2nd World War, so the history and the past is not exactly the same.

The question of objectification is a difficult one. The number of girls dressing sexy is definitely higher in Russia than in many other countries. However, with that sexiness comes a lot of power. It is another question whether the power could be gained in different ways, but the truth of the fact is that most Russian girls, if you talk to them, do not mind looking a little bit more sexy than usual. Basically, like all of us, Russians, they like to show off. It's a part of our generous character.

Finally, there is a question of giving it all. It's actually a Russian trait, so Russian girls, obviously, really value when a person can give it all, on the moment, but also consistently. And they will be happy to do the same in return. The keyword here is commitment and it also relates to the questions of love and sex that we raised in the previous section.

We have probably and intentionally missed out some stuff from this article, so if you have something to add, please, do so using the comments below.



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