Young Russian Women – Devushkas – Who Are They

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 14 Aug 2009)

comments posted by our readers to the Young
Russian Women

(received 21/10/02):
majority of the young women are very pale and skinny, so
if you like that...then yes

they are the the most beautiful in the world!

Otherwise they are just average like many other countries (some nice, some not
so nice) but they are very feminine and nice to foriegners

You are right about the clothes they are very revealing or figure huggingly tight
in the right places. The russians are very proud and you will often see them
standing on the metro usually if they wear any light

coloured clothes and wiping off small usually undetectable stains from their

They are very flirty too!"

(received 28/10/02):
"I'm a Russian girl, and I'll live
in the US for a year. Agree with this passage, Russian girls
are just beautiful.

By the way, I wear high heels here, and I'm used to it but most Americans are
suprised that I wear them."

Answer: Oh, this is a great post! ë·§ Ì ÔÓ›‚‡Î˯¸...
;-) I just want to point out that we don't say that Russian girls
are the most beautiful, we say that many people think so. All
girls and all people are beautiful in their own special way.

Comment (received 30/10/02): "This piece truly describes
the notion many people subscribe to, Russian ladies are one of
the naturally gifted in the world, that is, arguably amongst
the best in the world in terms of beauty, no doubt, but what
I question is the atittude to foreigners, i.e Europeans whether
white or black. There seems to be an 'offish' atittude to foreigners
and all the more pronounce if they happen to see a black foreigner,
I have been trying to work out the reasoning behind this, but
until now the answer seems far fetched....."

Any takers on this?"

Comment (received 04/11/02): "I
pity the fool!!..."

Comment (received 13/11/02): " far as I know,
Russians love foregners! (especially americans) just from my
own experience I would say, I am russian and when my american
step family visits they are adored by everyone, a lot of russians
(especially "teenagers") like American culture; music,
fashion ect. So I don't know why there is talk of racism, its
becoming a tierd subject because Russians are not racist at all!
Ofcourse you may look exotic to them but isn't that good? I don't
think many would ever look down on you for being black or asian
or whatever , so get over the paranoia."

Comment (received 14/11/02): "Hello! Anai i?eaao!

I'm a Russian girl. I am study English now & therefore I can make mistakes.

It was interesting to read, what foreigners think of us. Article is not bad.

I was surprised, why high heels are unusual. Our men very much like high heels
because gait of the woman on heels always is sexual.

I wear heels because it is convenient also I know, that I am lovely.

We are beautiful - yes, but also are clever.

: )

Yes, in Russia the most part of families earn not much money & many young
people choose to study to be able to find a well-paid job in the future. The
well-paid job is really a problem, especially if you live in small city.

But I love Russia!

Have a good day!

Anai iiea!

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Comment (received 20/11/02): I am an american male and have been to Saint
Petersburg 3 times. I will move there next year for employment. It is true the
Russian women in my eyes are the most beautiful. They are also very kind to me
and interested in what I have to say. Let us not forget that their skin is so
soft. Why will I give up my American lifestyle and move to Russia? The women
and culture! Get the point?

(received 20/11/02):
I have just returned from Moscow from
the UK and I must say Moscow was 'ACE' no doubt, contrary to

the impression people out here have about Moscow, It's a 'must do' destination.
This website was a good traveller's guide for me, don't know if my trip would
be been a success without this website- all I can say is

team- Mwaaaaah a big smacker (kiss) for your effort, now my friends wont go to
Moscow without consulting this website.
the ladies in Moscow, wow! what can I say? I think they are 'ACE', very nice,
a vast majority are

educated, very warm, friendly, articulate and helpful, It's a one-for-all, all-for-one

I can identify a little bit with what the UK gentleman above is trying to put
across, but it's great to look on the bright side whilst in Moscow, the city
is breathtaking and fascinating. A lot of things to see and do, some are weird
and some are wonderful, but that's what makes it Moscow afterall.

I should think someone should educate whoever left the comment of 4/11/02 on
how to empathise with the gent from Uk and not display some element of ignorance
and a great degree of indifference, people will find that individuals like that
give people the negative impression about Russians. From my experience I had
a great time during my visit,I would do it a million times over if I had to do
Moscow again, I and a whole bunch of my friends shall no doubt be visiting again
very soon, defying the break neck freezing temperature in Moscow during this
season, but considering its near enough the same weather in UK right now but
hey! Moscow here we come.

Once again profound gratitude to Dmitri and team for your effort on this website
and the sheer power of enlightenment this website generates. surely, I shall
be spreading the word here in UK. "WaytoRussia is a path

to paradise".

Comment (received 24/11/02): "It's obvious this website is not a
fair one, because it seems it chooses to publish comments it wants

to publish rather than all comments. I thought this was a lovely site and a truly
reflective site, but it has now come to my attention that I was

wrong. I shall spread the word!"

Answer: Ok, go on, spread the word. Don't forget to include a link to And yes, we're not fair, here we publish only those comments
we find to be the most interesting.

If you want your comment to be published FOR SURE, go to Talk
message board and feel free to write there what you want. It'll appear
online instantly.

Comment (received 28/12/02): "Beauty exists-good
luck to russian and all women in manifesting a 'beauty intent'of
pure perception! "

Comment (received 14/01/03): "do you have
a boyfriend and where do you live"

Answer: me? Oh, yeah, by the way, we received
a few personals in this section (a man wants to meet a woman),
so we created a new "Personals" section in the Talk
Lounge Forum
, please, feel free to post your personal ad
there. If you register, you can put your profile and even a photo.

(received 7/02/03):
" It's what YOU think Russian
women think about: "finding a wealthy Russian or even foreign
husband". My friend, you obviously do not know Russian women.
It's intelligence, beauty, and femininity mixed together. As
for dressing in a "way that attracts men like bees" -
if you have long legs (as you pointed out correctly) why cover
up in baggy clothes? All of the West does it, - it doesn't mean
we should.

Answer: (this is a reply from the author of
this article):

"Surely 'if you have long legs why cover up in baggy clothes? All of the

does it, - it doesn't mean we should.' I totally agree, when women have long
legs why not show them. But some girls in Russia dress in a way that's not only
sexy but also a bit porn. And it's hard to see them as simply a person, their
sexuality is always exhibited, they look like they're dressing according to sex
stereotypes. In the west, many girls show their legs and are sexy but I find
they dress in more original ways than in Russia. It's not true all the West wears
baggy clothes." (by CS)

Comment (received 21/02/03): Hello. I am a Russian
girl. this site is not bad, it can be very useful for people
who decide to travel to Russia. But to be honest I got sick reading
the article "Young Russian Women". Are you describing
animals or something? "This interesting sort of animals, "russian
women", usually has almond eyes.

These animals are tall, thin, legs of these species are usually long, they prefer
to jump on amazingly high heel shoes. Usually animals of

this population are blond.

These species have pink cheeks in Winter. They look pretty when they don't wear
too much make-up." Blah, blah, blah.. We all are different, with different
(short and long) legs, with different cheeks and eyes. The guy who wrote this
article should check his head because I doubt he has any brain.

Answer: (Hi, it was not a guy writing this article,
here's the answer from the author of this article):

"Yes i described russian women with general features. they're not like an
animal specie, more like a human specie .of they're all different but what if
someone asks to describe how people in japan look in general, and they're told
they're all different, it won't help them much to have an idea. I was just pointing
out some features that i saw in many young russian women. Of course every person
is different but there are more people with almond eyes in Russia than in France
for example, so why not say it? and I don't like makeup why can't i say it doesn't
look nice? It's a subjective description and anyone is welcome to criticize it,
to add his/her advice.

Also How can i not have a brain? if i didn't have a brain i wouldn't be alive.
well maybe you mean i don't use it in the way you like. ok." (by CS)

Comment (received 26/02/03): "I think
Russian women are far too beautiful and exotic to sell themselves
and thier pride for money. They deserve more than money.


(received 2/03/03):
"I think the writer of the colum made a correct
generalisation of young Russian women. I am a young woman of North-European descent
(with long legs myself) and I do like the way the Russian women (and men) look
in general. Charasterictic for some Russian women, from Western point of view,
is that they are dressed in porno-style clothes, extremely high heels and with
too much make-up. And don?t get me wrong, I think they are cool too, but I can
imagine that these "striking" girls get misunderstood and treated as
sex objects. In the West, you definately would be treated like a sex object with
no brains, dressing up provocatively, for example, to go to work and you definately
wouldn?t be taken seriously by men and not by women either. I don?t think the
Nordic equality between the sexes would be possible if women would dress upp "the
Russian way". You can show your legs and dress up sexy and you can leave
something for the fantasy, not necessarily "over-kill". I would like
to see more street- and club-clothing in Russia, that is something that the country
lacks. And it?s good that these things are beeing discussed. Finally I am wondering,
doesn?t anybody have something to say about the gorgoeus RUSSIAN MEN???"

(received 15/03/03):
" I spent June 2002 in St.
Petersburg and I must say that I agree with your article about
Russian women. I live in Canada but am from Eastern European
descent and before going on my trip I tried to find information
on how women dress in Russia and customs of that nature, but
unfortunately all I found was some websites that scare women
going to Russian to 'beware' of all the problems and to avoid
all things that might make them look even the slightest bit wealthy.
And so off I went for a month, with out my nice handbag, or nice
shoes ... all in an attempt not to draw attention to myself as
a foreigner and it would seem I did only the opposite. I have
to say that I really admire Russian women for their femininity
... I think that women in North America should take a few lessons
from them. (Although I must admit that the see-through pants
and shirts were quite a shock for me!) At least I will know for
the next time I go back to Russia that I don't have to leave
my own femininity behind."

"First, have enjoyed the variety of
comments posted on this page.

As an American Male (who will listen to me) I have been to Moscow on four occasions,
to Tula and to Sochi. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Studies have shown
that the most "beautiful" actually have the greatest combination of "average" features.

My own observations on the street and beside the sea, the pool and at the social
gatherings was that there many variations of Russian women as in many other countries
I have visited including my own. I think the trend in Russia for stylish, often

sometimes provocative clothing and sportwear (bathingsuits) is a display

of individuality and break from older traditional wear.

I was joined in Russia by a very attractive person (female)with those long legs
and long dark hair of Ukaranian heritage and wearing blocky high-heels.. I met
and saw others, some of whom had "superflous" builds.

All seemed to be proud of their heritage, their vanity and were very cordial.
I also found those that I met (men & women) to be hospitable and helpful
when I needed it. I will be returning, not for the assessment but for the friendship
found there in Russia."

Comment (28/03/03):
"I am an American male who just got back from
a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg and I have to say, as a whole, the women
in Russia were among the most beautiful I have ever seen. "

Comment (1/04/03): "This stupid text about
Russian DEVUSHKA"s" (without "s" please)
is NOT true...and towns are NOT small...excuse me???America is
smaller,than Russia...NY is smaller than my town(St.Petersburg)...It
means,that NY is the smallest??Girls in Russia NEVER wear ALL
purple...we have very good taste in clothing...I can't say that
about American girls...In Amerika I saw a lot of girls in high
hill shoes and ADIDAS SPORT PANTS...hahah....this is VERY,please,before
you write something about ALL girls in Russia,go to GOOd parts
of Russia,please..."

Answer: I guess it is somebody making a 1st
April joke, otherwise it's too silly.

Comment (12/04/03): "From the coffee shop
near the entrance to the Metro Mockowskaya Station, this older
American cowboy was very pleasantly distracted from the crap
in Iraq by the parade of St. Petersburg finest. These pretty
ladies in their short, tight or both bottoms and those see through
blouses are an inspiration to all free men. Go girls, go! Although
the famous structures were wrapped for winter construction in
preparation for yr 300, the true treasures I remember most will
be the coy looks and cute sayings received from the proud and
beautiful decendants of those that survived the 900 day seige.
Pla-cee-ba Marina, Elena, Irina, etc."

Comments (received 23/04/03): "It's the
real boolshit! Or just a stupid superficial point of view of
a foreigner on GREAT RUSSIAN LADIES!

Pure Russian Lady (in a rage!!!)"

Comment (received 2/05/03): "I am 45, from Argentina but
live in USA. I'am married 20 years, but I still see myself looking at the Russian
brides classif's every once in a while.

I think that what most impress us (western type guys) about Russian girls is
that even many of the "beautiful ones" seem to have lower levels of "demand" (in
general), a rare combination of beauty with consumer virgin brain! :)... True
or false that's the image we all get and works wonders on our imagination"

Comment (received 14/05/03):

There are some places to see beautiful women in the world: Argentina, Brazil,
perhaps Spain, perhaps Italy. None of that compares to Russia. It is incredible
how so many girls are the most beautiful in the world. And that they are all
skinny and pale and look like dead is a fucking misconception."

Answer: Uhhmm, is there are professional in
web design around? I was thinking if we should allow people to
put the F word in their comments because of how search engines
react on it... Any ideas?

Freedom of speech is the most important here, but I don't want google to exclude
us from their list.

Comment (1/06/03):
"Your artucle is way too general. Saying that
they are ALL tall and thin and beautiful and blond is an overly simplified statement.
I agree that there are lots and lots of beautiful girls in Russia, but you, guys,
must be way more objective.


Answer: Oh, come on!

"expected something deeper. what about intelligence?
what about being caring and deep?

foreigners are attracted to Russia topic as bees to honey...Russia is always
enigma to them, so when they watch Lilya4-ever which doesn't compliment to ex
Soviet countries as such and just proves foreign perception of Russia - poverty,
people-women in this case desperately looking for ways to escape from the country
by selling their bodies etc...I can undesratnd teh author of this film - he made
what foreigners would like to watch and,therefore,purchase. However, it is cheap
and unfair to Russian women. All of us have our own ways in life whereas after
teh movies and articles like this foreigner will be convinced in the corectness
of his view on Russian women and Russia itself."

"As a young australian Male, Teaching
english in Moscow and Southern Russia, This article is very accurate,
The percentage of young attractive women in the cities is higher
than in western cultures, also the places to socialize are fewer
and so they tend to congregate, the fashion sense is higher and
the lack of feminism allows the young women to dress in whatever
they can to attract men, 'peacocks' my foreign friends say. Combined
with the lack of over-eating, the average russian women is far
above average than western women. Statistically I'd say you'll
see 1 attractive girl in 5 minutes in western society, and 5
attractive russian girls per minute. p.s. southern russian girls
are more tanned! "

Comment (13/6/03): "I am from America and
am getting married to a Russian woman later this year. She is
GORGEOUS. I would never find anyone who looks like her in America
and is available."

Comment (4/7/03): " I live in New York
and have been to Moscow in May. Here in US most girls are so-so
or not at all good looking, in Moscow to the contrary I saw mostly
good looking girls. No argument about it."

Comment (6/7/03): " I came to Russia in
1998 - by default, pardon the pun, I ended up staying.

On Russian women I would like to say that as a man who has travelled the world
from Saudia Arabia to America to Russia and further... the women here are simply
more feminine than anywhere else..

I have a young company here with a Russian partner - it's a new world full of
crazy, irrational situations, where the girls rule..

Moscow is the only city in the world where a man can sit on the metro and simply
forget what on earth he was supposed to be doing, erm working, and watch those
angels float by...

.. but beware as these angles can be ruthless as their charms can dazzle and
bemuse the unfortunate traveller..

Russian girls: handle with care!"

"Definitely Russian ladies are attractive. And hard
working. And determined.

So are Czech ladies , Vietnamese ladies ( specially young one).

Just a matter of personal taste and chemistry.

But , on the other hand, Russian ladies have problems with accomodating to Western

They would go a long way to accomodate needs and expectations of Westerners.
But , how far you could go ?

I have displeasure meeting Russian ladies being abused, "disciplined",
resorting to drinking/drugs , since they have in North America difficulties with
finding social assistance . Even visit to the police station or just women's
shelter may be frightening to them.

But : good luck !"

Comment (16/07/03): "Hi, we are two friends from Chile
and we have to say that if it?s true we still don?t meet any russian girl personaly,
we already love them!

We really agree with the "most beautiful in the world" denomination
and hope to check it in your next summer (2004). At any other time it?s too cold
for us! "

Comment (22/07/03): "Why work to the lowest
common denominator? If you want to make this site work - and
it's a good site for the most part - you'd do well to get rid
of articles like this. There are a lot of sites about Russia
that promote the idea of the country as a one great woman-provider
for the West, and there's no need for you to be doing the same,
especially as it looks like you're trying to cater for younger
and individual travellers who probably aren't that desperate
yet. As for people who've already been to Russia, one look at
an article like this and you want to move on to a better site.


London, UK"

Answer: We write what we think is interesting for the visitors
of our website. By the way, just a few minutes later, after reading the Facts
about Women
section you wrote that now you're satisfied.. So, you see everybody
will find on WayToRussia.Net what he / she likes.

Comment (23/7/03): "Hi, I'm an american
teenager that lives in london and is weeks away from moving to
moscow. I have traveled and moved around the world many times
but never to russia. I have to say i am very exited to be moving
there. I hear many great interesting things from moscow. My main
motivation (like any other strait guy) is the russian ladies.
I have become even more exited to hear that russian ladies are
interested in american guys. I am curious though if russian ladies
who cant even speak a word of russian will talk to strangers..?
id really like to mix in with the "real" russian people.
I'm interested in their style and culture. Id really appreciate
an answer to my questions and even more info. and it is true
that the "west" wear more baggy clothes.. i personally
feel its more comfortable and relaxed."

This is like an answer to the previous message... As for the
clothes, the only "true" thing I can say is that women in Russia during
summer wear more open and tight clothes, than in other cultures... BUT... when
I went to England, I saw what it's like to really be naked, a lot of women there
wear nearly nothing in summer.. but maybe that's just something common for cold
northern countries...

"I have dated a few American, Western
European and Russian women. It is definitely not enough to draw
any conclusions whatsoever, but I did notice some interesting
differences among the women of different cultures. I think that
women can be influenced very much by their culture and it affects
their lifestyle and personal relationship. Russian women tend
to depend too much on their partner, which makes them less mysterious
when you get to know them better, but at the same time they seem
to be more faithful and forgiving than western women. Russian
women can be very demanding, and they care a lot if their partner
is financially secured! Most Russian women smoke and most get
married in their early twenties. In contrast, American women
can be very unpredictable sometimes, which makes them very attractive.
Most American women could care less if you own a large share
of General Electric or Pfizer stocks or if you are a clerk at
some insurance agency. I think soon, in the US there would be
more househusbands than housewives . However, I encountered
a few US women that were concerned too much about their own problems,
and cared less about anybody else. Western women are the most
interesting of all. They are fun to talk to, very educated, usually
speak at least two or more languages; they seem to be the perfect
medium between the spoiled and independent US women and too security-seeking
Russian women. Western women seem to be more outgoing, adventure
seeking, and don?t mind crazy ideas. It is clear that if a Belgian
girl moves to Germany and lives there for a few years and then
moves to England, then she would experience a lot more than a
Vermont girl that moves to LA and then to Big Apple or Midwest.
Although the US is a very diverse country, it is far behind Europe,
and therefore American people don?t experience the same, unless
they get out and travel far."

" I am Russian, live in Canada and used
to be married to Chinese:) Thanks God it is in the past. Now
I finally have returned to my own roots and found Russian girlfriend
who it is pity had to go back to Russia but we chat daily in
icq and planning to meet in Prague this winter. I need to say
that Russian girls are different, though my girlfriend generaly
resembles the strereotype in almost everything but being brunette:)The
real difference between Russian and say North American women
is in their spirit. After some experience with non russian girls
I need to say that for family life and general happines our girls
sure are ones of the best. They just need proper men to let their
inner beaty open."

Comments (16/09/03):
"they look beautiful..sometimes amazing..but
not enough sensetive,soul,warm...we want more..the prince of bosphorus"

Comments (15/10/03): " I returned from
Novosibirsk, Russia on october 8th and I have never seen so many
beaautiful women in one place. I went specifically to meet a
woman I have been writting on the internet and was very happy
with her. I couldn't help however noticing the amazing attractive
ladies I found there. The trip was the best holiday I have ever
had and plan on returning within a year. I highly recommend anyone
considering going to take the plunge and go!!!

Bart Jackson"

Comment (25/10/03):
"Russian gals are not only about beauty. They
are intelligent. No doubt. Simply smart. And simply gorgeous. Their caring spirit
and tenderness make you wanna give up everything. Very sensitive, very sexy...
A treasure!!!"

Comment (27/10/03):
"I think your right russian woman are beautiful

I am glad i was born russian"

Comment (12/11/03): "russia is a very beautiful country
with lovely beautiful girls,I like the russian language too it's very musical
I even started to learn

Comment (20/11/03): "Thanks for such characteristic! I
am in shock. I am also young Russian woman and sinserely I can't understand how
you can speak about us in such a way. A lot of Russian women are successive and
independent and as I know not all of us are searching for foreign husband to
sit on his neck. We know what to work hard and to earn much. And as for fasion
I think that Russian women are one of the most elegant in the world. Just look
at American women in their horrible jeans and t-shirts. They even don't know
what is style."

Comment (21/11/03): ""Russian women are said to be
the most beautiful
women in the world".. it may be (i've heard women from Bratislava are the
best), but i'm sure it doesn't mean tall and thin body, with long legs etc...
of course, many russian women have it as well as other women in the world. I
think, russian beauty that is so often spoken about is inside. You may not meet
a woman with almond eyes, because there are so many different eyes in Russia!!!!
(by the way, i don't agree that most of russian women have almond eyes and are
blond) But in any case you will find "a deep russian soul" in these
eyes. What does "a deep russian soul" mean?? It's something that combine
all kinds of russian women regardless of their body features. You will find in
these eyes a huge source of power that allows them to be the best support for
russian men in their really difficult life. That's why a lot of foreingers have
been looking for a perfect wife in Russia. Maybe i don't have so much experience,
but whereelse can you find such selflessness, devotion, wisdom and at the same
time childish livenes and naturalaty??! And all this doesn't depend on woman's
age. You should only try to discover it!!"

Comment (12/12/03):
"Very interested in the article posted by Bart
Jackson on 15/10/03 regarding Novosibirsk and am planning on travelling there
next summer. If anybody could assist me with information regarding this city
(I've already seen it on this site and it was good) I'd very much appreciate
it. My e mail
address is



Comment (11/12/03): "i agree that Russian women are just
like any other women in the world , some of them are pretty- some are not.i heard
alot about American women before i actullay came here- most of it is that they
are ugly and fat. well, not all of them- you can meet some really pretty girls
and women.But yes, Russian girls stand out ,just because they use make up almost
every day, wear nice clothes to work and want to look good. i cant say the same
thing about american


Comment (11/12/03): "I live in St. Petersburg. I am so used to the high hills
(not less than 5 cm), than snickers seems to be so uncomfortable (once i had
terrible pain in my foot when i put them on).

But i think you are not right about tall Russian girls. Really, you will see
a lot of them on Nevsky prospect, but i think our average height is around 160
cm. (i am 155 cm :-(( )"

Comment (20/01/04): "You forgot the clear vinyl clothes craze or 2002(?)

The best reason to come to Russia, Ukraine, or any of the other FSU, is because
of the life long friendships you will make if you relax, get away from the tourist
traps, and meet the local people. Old - young, Skinny - fat, Pretty - earthy,
Whatever. It will all work in your favor if you are polite, show interest in
them and their culture, avoid compare contrast, and be your self.

American man. Live in Ukraine. Studying, Traveling and working in the USSR-FSU
since 1988.

Want more info from the trenches???"

Comment (28/01/04): " I the type of man I"M Black and I love all women.Russian
are very sexy to me no matter if I"VE never been out to Russia. after seeing
Rocky 4

my eyes have been set on a Russian lady my friend I would like to meet and speak
to a sexy, most beautiful lady of course!!!!!!!! "



Comment (12/03/04):
"why do people say russian girls are sexy????????? i am russian
but i always notice very few beautiful women around. very few. ;( probably i
have been seeing them too much since i was born that's why my taste has somehow
become numb about that, dunno... i think the most beautiful women are in North
America (US & Canada), England, and also Latin America. when i live in the
US i always see diverse people, white, black, asian, and a great number of them
are real cute. British chicks are especially cute. ;)"

Comment (15/03/04):
"young women here need to learn about bra's and
have a better
taste in fasion. they are really trashy. hahaha"

Comment (18/03/04): "I have always wanted a young russian wife. I have always
thought the russian women are so beautiful. I can't wait until I can get one
of them to start to write me."

Comment (24/03/04): "The secret of a beauty of Russian women is in their desire
to be beautiful. I saw many women in the west who are potentially beautiful but
don't really care of themselves much, therefore they look dull. Very often by
looking at a dull-looking english woman I was thinking how nice she would look
like if she had used a little bit of make up and put on some elegant clothes!"


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football players' wives strip to support the Russian team at
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