Krysha Mira Club: Moscow Opulence in Style

A playground for those who want to get the taste of the Moscow highlife. Krysha Mira means “the roof of the world” and is full of millionaires, their girlfriends, boyfriends and other people who just like to have lavish fun and simply observe. Located on, well, the roof with a view to the White House, Moscow City, and Kremlin it helps you forget and remember at the same time. Forget about the fact that Russia is a poor country. Remember that people are different, some of them have more money, some less. While Krysha Mira is rather expensive and has very strict face control at the entrance, being a foreigner you have a much higher chance of getting through. And in the end, once you're in, it's quite possible to have a good fun there as it's one of the most tolerant places in Moscow, probably that's why their entrance policy is a bit too strict.
Krysha Mira




Club Krysha Mira
12/3 Kutuzovsky Prospekt Metro Smolenskaya
Клуб Крыша Мира
Кутузовский Проспект, 12/3


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