Denis Simachev Bar: The Real Moscow

Probably the best bar in town, because you really feel that you are in Moscow, and not somewhere else. It’s authentic in its luxurious opulence, expensive, beautifully designed, home to anyone who can afford it and who can get in (which is not always easy). The place stands out thanks to the eccentric mix of stylish interior and kitchy details, as well as an eclectic selection of music: from cheesy Russian pop to the best funk, hip-hop, and house in town. Favourite among Moscow's creative crowd as well as upper class fashionistas, the Bar still feels a bit on a posh side though. The best thing about it: it's open 24 hours, so you can always drink, eat, and dance there. During the day there is Denis Simachev fashion boutique open at the first floor. Check out the website to see the collections – we guarantee it’s some of the best badass Russian-gangsta and Soviet-melancholia inspired outfits you’ll ever find.

Bar Denis Simachev -



Denis Simachev Bar
12/2 Stoleshnikov pereulok Metro Kuznetsky Most
Phone: +7 495 629 80 85
Бар Денис Симачев
Столешников переулок, 12/2 Метро Кузнецкий Мост


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