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I would like to use visa support to get a business visa

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I would like to use visa support to get a business visa (3 months, double entry) because I want to travel across Russia for 2 or 3 months with my motorcycle. Your website mentions it is easy to get a business visa, even though I am only going to be a tourist, in this situation but when I try to get the visa support form it is asking me about all this info about the organization I am going to visit.
How do I do?
asked Mar 22, 2015 in Russian Visa by Takeshi Minagawa (160 points)

1 Answer

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Best answer
Basically business visa is just a visa for long term trips to Russia. It's created for people to travel to Russia to explore "business opportunities", visit conferences, conduct meetings and such. Also, when you apply for a business visa at the consulate, the stated purpose of your trip should be the same as the type of visa support you're getting.
I guess in your case the travel is the "business" of passing Russia with a motorcycle, a sort of a research trip, where you will be exploring Russia and maybe write something about it later, right?
Regarding the organization you visit - basically it's the organization that provides you with business visa support. When you apply for this type of visa you will receive their details along with the invitation, so you can just put those details in the visa application form.
You can apply through one of our advertisers on http://waytorussia.net/Services/VisaSupport/Business.html
answered Mar 23, 2015 by Ivan Stepanenko (2,730 points)
selected Mar 24, 2015 by Takeshi Minagawa
Business Visa - "Organization"