A New Ferry Between St. Petersburg and Helsinki

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 07 Aug 2009)

and photos from the Rata

Russian Association
of Tourist Agencies announced on 31 March, referring to Rosbalt agency, that
a new ferry line connecting Helsinki Tallin and St. Petersburg will be opened
on the 1st of April this year. The ferry will be operated by Estonian company
Tallink Grupp ( http://www.tallink.ee/en.html .

This means that for the first time tourists will be able to travel from St. Petersburg
to Finland and Estonia by boat.

The ferry route will be served by Fantaasia ferry, which can accommodate up to
1700 passengers. Fantaasia will have an entertainment programme, as well as restaurants
and tax free shops.

The price of the cheapest ticket will be 395 Estonian cron (~ $32 US) one way
from Tallin to St. Petersburg or back (a sleeping place in a 4-berth room), while
the price of the whole cruise (Tallin - St. Petersburg - Helsinki - Tallin) will
be 630 Estonian cron (~ $50 US) for a place in a 4-berth sleeping cabin.

The prices for more luxury accommodation are about 80% higher.

The ferry will be departing on even (2, 4...) dates from St. Petersburg at 17.00,
arriving next day to Helsinki, Finland at 10.00, departing Helsinki at 16.00
and arriving to Tallin, Estonia at 19.15. On the way back the ferry will be departing
Tallin at 20.00, arriving to St. Petersburg at 9.00 next morning.

Note, that even if you travel to St. Petersburg for one day, you will need a
Russian visa.

More information on Russia St. Petersburg Forums - Ferry between St. Petersburg
and Helsinki, Finland



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